Burger Review – Larry’s Chili Dogs

Larry's Chili Dogs has shaded outdoor seating

OK Burbank, I have to admit to you that I am bringing in a ringer this week.  I have been going to and recommending Larry’s Chili Dogs for many years. It is nice to bring this great spot out to those of you who have not found this place or tried John’s (the owner) chili.

Larry’s Chili Dogs is the reason for burger reviews. It may not be the fancy restaurant that you see when you pass by but every burger lover knows that sometimes there are the BEST places.

Larry's Chili Dogs has shaded outdoor seating
Larry’s Chili Dogs has shaded outdoor seating

Yes, the sign says Larry’s ‘Chili Dogs’ but it’s the chili cheeseburger that I think makes this place a can’t miss stop on your burger travels whenever you are in the mood for that great taste of chili on your burger. (Also, the dogs do snap when you bite into them and I have heard that his breakfast burritos are so large that you might need a fork lift to raise it to your mouth.)

But it’s the burger that is tops. The only complaint I have is that it is a preformed patty but once you get by that, get ready for a flavor explosion when that thing hits your mouth.

The chili is smooth. John puts the right amount on the burger also – not too little that you are disappointed and not too much that you get a huge mess.  (For the small amounts of chili that does fall back in your basket you can also use the fries to scoop it out later!). The bun is also perfect. It stays together very well and does not self-destruct. Add to this the mustard and onions (I always hold the cold tomato on a chili burger) and you have a great tasting burger that is always brought to you grill hot.

Yes, you can still find heaven on a bun!
Yes, you can still find heaven on a bun!

This is also a nice large burger. Too many times you get a burger and it just looks and seems small. You definitely get your money’s worth. In fact, he has a great combo deal that gets you a chili cheeseburger, fries and a drink for about $6.

Also, as a side note, you can not get a chili cheeseburger without getting an order of fries. I always ask for them well done (crispy). John sprinkles a little of that seasoning salt on them that really brings the flavor out.

What’s tragic about writing this review is that by the end of it my mouth is right now watering for one of these chili cheeseburgers so I have to get over there! Make sure when you stop by you say HI to John and tell him you read about him here. This is one of those small Burbank businesses run by a family that we need to support, which is what makes Burbank great – almost as great as the chili cheeseburger at Larry’s Chili Dogs!

Larry’s Chili Dogs is located at 3122 Burbank Blvd. – right on the corner of Ontario and Burbank. 818 842-0244 (they take phone orders in advance). Open M – F until 7 pm and Saturday until 5 pm – closed on Sunday (John needs his rest)

Larry’s Chili Dogs receives: Tops in Town

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