Burger Review: Moore’s Delicatessen

Moore's Delicatessen


There are so many deli’s around town and they can be so many different standards or quality.

Moore's Delicatessen 1
Moore’s Delicatessen 1

Thus, our stop this week at Moore’s Delicatessen in Downtown Burbank. Moors’s has now been there a number of years and hopefully it was because of the food.

Ordering at the counter, the menu does not have a straight cheeseburger on it, with many burgers (9 total). I went with the Deli Burger. As always, the magic words from the servers mouth rang out, “…and how would you like that cooked?” Always a great sign that we are about to have a hand-packed burger.

The Deli Burger is said to be made with Certified Angus Beef ground patty with a brioche bun. Of course I ordered it medium rare and with cheddar cheese.

Moore's Delicatessen 1
Moore’s Delicatessen 1

Upon it’s arrival I noticed a first right off the bat. It did not just have onions, but an onion jam spread. It also came with tomato and field greens. And a quick word about lettuce, this was not just field greens, but shrubs, leaves and all the Gucci stuff the upper crowd like to eat in a salad bowl. This is a burger, all it needs is some iceberg lettuce, even better if it is shredded. Oh well, it was easy enough to take most of the leaves, I mean field greens, off.

The bun was well toasted but had no type of dressing. There was ketchup and deli mustard on the table hat worked. Even with the added condiments I still found the taste of the onion jam unique, and may have been the hero of the burger that was hand packed.

After a couple of bites in, I was hooked to the taste. The patty was also very thick and it tasted well seasoned. This was actually not bad for a $10 burger. They also add a very small taste of potato salad (about two bites) and a deli pickle. While deli pickles are always good, sometimes I wish these places would also include some pickles on the burger.

Moore's Delicatessen 3
Moore’s Delicatessen 3

Side Notes: I also ordered some fries, well done as always, and some cole slaw since I am a closet cole slaw freak. The fries at $4 were regular and while they were semi-well done, they could have been better. They had a salt and pepper seasoning. As for the cole slaw, it was a small side cup that they charged $3 for and well not worth the price. I wanted to try the chile but they said it had beans and I hate beans in my chili. When I asked what chili they put on their chili cheeseburger, they said they used the chili with beans. Nothing in my mind could be worse than a chili and beans cheeseburger. Since I only rate cheeseburgers where chile is not the main hook, I still am very happy with the Moore’s Delicatessen offering.

Moore’s Delicatessen is located at 271 E. Orange Grove – right on the corner of Orange Grove and Third St. 818 478-1251. Open Monday – Saturday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

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