Burger Review: Steve’s Char-Broiled Burgers


This week we stop in at Steve’s Char-Broiled Burgers located at Victory and Brighton in Burbank. This is a smaller stand-alone burger place with some indoor seating.

When you walk in you get the impression that while the sign outside has burgers in large letters, that once inside you get the feel that Asian food might be their specialty.

Steves2With that aside they do have some burgers and burger specials on their wall. I went with their standard cheeseburger because that will always be the true test.  I will say though, that I was tempted to try the Crazy Burger (bacon, chili, pastrami and cheese) was something I have never experienced.

You order at the counter and I got the impression the girl working was new, but she was very friendly and had a great attitude. You order and pay up front and after you sit down the food is brought to you.

The burger had all the standard condiments of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. The bun is good size and toasted on both the top and bottom. The meat was extremely thin, however. It did encumbrance the entire bun. What saved this burger from being ranked lower was the thousand island dressing and while it was put on heavy, it gave a great flavor to the overall burger.

Steves1While there is nothing special about the burger, it is good size and it did hold up well all the way through. It was an overall good experience. The ingredients all seemed to be fresh and the ratio of condiments was just right on the burger.

The cheeseburger combo was under $7 and good value for the money. The ratio of order to delivery was quick and would work if you are on a short lunch break.

Side notes: As always, I asked for the fries well done and while these fries were somewhat crispy, they were also the larger crinkle fries. A plus though is that they were sprinkled with seasoning salt, giving them a bit more flavor.  I also asked for a side cup of chili to try to see how it rivaled Larry’s but it was not even close.  It really tasted as though it was over the counter chili with no love added – but did make for a good dip for the fries.

Steves3There were also many Asian dishes on the menu and a few people came in to purchase them.  If you are a fan of different Asian dishes, I recommend you come in and try them.

Steve’s Char-Broiled Burgers is located at 2320 W Victory Blvd, Burbank – right on the corner of Brighton and Victory. 818 846-6620 (they take phone orders in advance). Open M – F 8 am until 8 pm and Saturday until 5 pm – closed on Sunday

Steve’s Char-Broiled Burgers receives: On the Marqee

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