Burger Review – The Hangar Grille


Sometimes you can try to do everything right, but when you go way outside the box, sometimes it just does not work.

hangar 3The Hangar Grille on Magnolia might be a victim of trying to hard to be different.

Our waitress was knowledgeable and friendly and asked the magic words “How would you like that cooked?” when ordering my cheeseburger. Medium rare is always the response as I enjoy the flavors.

Our first kink came when I asked for cheddar cheese and was told all they had was a Monterey Jack/Pepper Cheese mix that they used. I also asked for avocado.

hangar1When the burger came it was a hand packed patty as you could tell with all of its beautiful flaws of jagged edges. What the burger did not come with was any cheese – not good – so back it went.

Once it came back with the melted cheese, it still looked to be a great burger with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and came with thousand island dressing already spread on.

NOTE: The cut red onions are good on burger, don’t get me wrong, but more times than not, they do not bite easy and sometimes you pull the whole onion out in one bite. I actually prefer freshly cut onions that are diced so that they cover a wider area and do not become a mouthful.

I really did not taste the thousand island dressing when I bit into the burger and the avocado was there, but not a great amount for a $1.49 (same price to add cheese to the burger priced at $9.99). While the bun was toasted, it was of interesting design. The Hangar calls it gourmet bread which I thought might be a little like egg bread. The tomato was also a little green which did not add to the taste.

hangar 2While the patty had some good flavor, there was a hint of pepper and I could not tell if it was from the burger or the cheese. In my opinion, the cheese was a fail, with cheddar still being the preferred cheese of choice on a burger. I myself, will not be going back for this reason alone or if I do, I will stay away from the burger.

Some may like this cheese/burger combination, but it is not for me.

SIDE NOTES: Ordered well done fries and when the fries came, not well done. They were the same as my friend who ordered regular fries. The shoestring fries did, however, have a seasoning salt on them which at least gave them some flavor. Why is it so hard for restaurants to make fries somewhat crispy instead of ‘wormy’ upon a customer request?

The Hangar Grille is located at 3821 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank. 818 842-5250. Open daily 11am-11pm Daily– Thursday and 7am-10pm Friday & Saturday

The Hangar Grille receives: On The Marquee

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On The Marquee (Really Good)
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    1. Your narrative doesn’t match the final rating. I’ve seen this in your burger reviews in the past. The narrative definitely supports a “Could Use A Rewrite” final rating.

      • I asked the Burger Dude to reply to your comment and he said he somewhat agrees with you. However, he tries to look at the overall product, “I think sometimes they are close and are trying to do the right thing, they just have not figured it out yet. It’s hard to give someone with a fresh patty a third tier rating when there are so many average burgers out there”.

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