Burger Review: The Office


I have not been in The Office for a number of years and the last time there I remember that there was nothing there to bring me back.

Now there is.

The Office cheeseburger was a surprise – a surprise that stated with the first bite. In that first bite I tasted a very unique spread that was on the bun. Most places use mayonnaise or thousand island (which I prefer), but The Office has developed their own, unique, garlic aoili spread that becomes a very different flavor explosion.

The Cheeseburger from The Office
The Cheeseburger from The Office

The bun on the burger is well toasted and fits the meat to a point, but may be just a tad small. It seemed fresh and fluffy on top. The burger is a hand packed patty that was made to order.

The usual condiments of lettuce, tomato, onion also accompanied the burger. I would have preferred a bit more cheese but it was not a deterrent enough to lower the rating.

Overall, it was the unique taste of the burger that really had me hooked. Whether it was the spread that they used, or the way they season the patty, I continued to craze this taste as I continued to consume it.  If you are not a garlic fan, I would warn you not ask for the bun plain because the taste is strong and you will either love this or not, just based on the spread.

The burger was a good size and that and my fries filled me well.

The Office on Victory Blvd.
The Office on Victory Blvd.

Our waitress was very nice and friendly and made sure we had our drink refills fast. They had numerous flat screens on the wall for sporting events and a pool table in the rear. In a way The Office looks like Dr. Who’s Tardis, small on the outside but much bigger inside.

This may be one of those well kept secrets in Burbank.

Notes: I asked for the fries well done as usual and the they did a good job with these skinny fries. They also sprinkle them with some seasoning salt that really add to the overall flavor of the meal. They also have many more dishes (and burgers!) to offer on what the waitress told us was a new and improved menu with many new additions. They also offer a portable mushroom burger for our vegetarians out there.

The Office is located at 3516 W Victory Blvd, Burbank – right next to the KFC on Victory. 818 848-3516. Open M – F 11:30 am until 2 am and Saturday 10 am to 2 am and Sunday 9:30 am to 2 am.

The Office receives: Tops in Town

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