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While I know Timmy Nolan’s is not in Burbank, I consider the Toluca Lake area close enough to take into consideration and since it is located about two blocks from the border, it works for me so it can work for you!

timmy-nolans-2Of course, parking for any business on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake is a challenge within itself but at least the greedy leaders of Los Angeles have yet to install parking meters so at least parking is free if the spots in the rear are taken.

There is plenty of seating inside this two-story restaurant and our server, who was also the bartender, was quick efficient and friendly. Even when she got a little busy she still made the time to make sure we had refills.

They have a number of burgers on their menu and one they call their signature burger, Timmy’s Celtic Burger, which they describe as an American icon with an Irish twist. Handmade 1/2lb. ground corned beef burger grilled to perfection for $10.75 Add an egg on top. $1.00.  Now, while I try to usually get the signature burgers because they are the pride of the restaurant, I just could not go for the ground corn beef. Maybe another stop there some day will be in order.

timmy-nolans-1What I did go after was the Western Burger because it had so many of my key ingredients.  It is described as an 8oz. Pat LaFrieda Chopped Short Rib and Angus Beef Burger, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce topped with a thick onion ring. My only hesitation was the price of $15 but it did come with fries.

When the burger came it looked amazing. The cheddar cheese was gushing around the patty and there was not just one, but three onion rings (so I ate two immediately) with a full condiment package on the side of tomato, pickles, raw onions and lettuce. Both buns were toasted with the BBQ sauce on the bottom bun.  By the time I loaded the burger up with everything it was quite the large burger.

timmy-nolans-5I was really looking forward to that first bite and was not disappointed. The flavor of the melted cheddar, the patty, onion ring was awesome. The patty was juicy and the bottom bun held up well. You could taste that all of the condiments were fresh and snappy and just added to the flavor every bite.

Now, while I must admit that $15 is a steep price for a burger and fries, I can see where the quality of the food justified the asking price.  I did not feel cheated after eating it and was actually pretty full at the end.

If you  really want to treat yourself every now and than, stop by and try a burger. They have a number of different ones.  I myself will go back and try the signature burger that has ground corned beef just to try a new experience. Maybe I might just like it.

timmy-nolans-4Timmy Nolan’s is a popular place in the area and is festive inside. It is an upper scale casual place that anyone can feel comfortable in. Give it a try.

Side Notes: Our appetizers consisted of the cole slaw and the Fried McPickles. The cole slaw was homemade and tasted great and the fried pickles were different from the ones I have had in the past.  It always seemed on the last bite that you would get a burst of pickle juice which really tasted great.  For fries, they offer steak fries or curly fries. Not being a fan of steak fries I went with the curly and while they are good, just nothing special and could use a dash of seasoning. My friend also tried the meatball soup which was crammed with meat balls, he really liked it.  He also had the Seared Ahi Caesar Salad and really liked it. Shot a picture (below article) for you to see and while I know it is not a burger, still wanted to highlight something that was outstanding in his opinion.

Timmy Nolan’s is located at 10111 Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake. 818 985-3359.
Open Monday – Thursday 11 am to 11 pm, Fridays 11 am to midnight, Saturdays 10 am to midnight and Sundays 10 am to 10 pm

Timmy Nolan’s receives: Tops in Town

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