Burger Review: Tin Horn Flats

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I have had a few readers write in to tell me to review Tin Horn Flats. All I can say to those readers is, “You are right”!

I have not been in Tin Horn Flats in years but the last time I was there for lunch all I can remember was a dingy place inside, loud music, waitresses/bartenders that were a little sketchy in their attitude with customers and food that was OK.

tin horn 2Walking into Tin Horn Flats this past week had a totally different feel. The inside was basically the same but seemed a little brighter, the music not as loud so you can hold a conversation without yelling and a bartender/waitress that was friendly and efficient.

Of course, we are here for the burger, so let’s get going.

Tin Horn Flats has 15 burgers on their menu. There are many that look great but my theory is always try the signature burger so I went with the Tin Horn Cheeseburger. Our waitress said they usually cook them medium-well but I could request another choice, so of course, I went medium rare. I also requested cheddar cheese as always.

tin horn 1When the burger came it looked great. Hand packed patty and nice and well proportioned. You could see the golden color of the cheddar cheese which is important because if you are going to have cheese on a burger, you need to taste it.

The burger came with leaf lettuce, tomato and onion. There was a little too much lettuce that I had to trim off and there were no pickles – I happen to like pickles! There was some mayonnaise on the bun also. My only preference recommendations would to be to change to shredded lettuce and add a little thousand island to the top bun to really bring out a flavor explosion. Their American Classic burger has some of these characteristics that I wish the Tin Horn Cheeseburger would have had.

Even without those small changes, when I took my first bite from the burger it tasted great! The burger had a great juice that medium rare produces and the toasted sesame seed bun handled the contents well.

tin horn 3The burger tasted great all the way through. One way I can always tell how much I like a burger is the amount of drink I need during the burger. The worse the burger, the more I drink. With this burger, I never went for the drink once because it had great juice all the way through.

So thank you for the recommendations, this place was a great spot, with a now friendly interior, lots of TV’s for you sports fans and best of all, a great burger. One thing…if you are looking for a deal, several burgers, including the Tin Horn Cheeseburger that usually goes for $10, is a dollar off Monday through Friday from 11 to 3 – a good deal!

For those of you who have just driven by or do not know Tin Horn Flats, you really need to stop in for a meal one of these days. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Side Notes: My friend had the salmon entree and said it was really good. There are a couple of things I would like to go by and try including the chili.  One thing they have which I don’t like are steak fries because people can never get those well done enough for my satisfaction. However, with that said, the hand made beer battered onion rings are epic and the cole slaw is fresh, creamy and delicious. I am definitely going to go back to try some of the other menu items.

Tin Horn Flats is located at 2623 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, 818-567-2470. Open Monday – Sunday: 11:30 am – 12 am

Tin Horn Flats receives: Tops in Town

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