Burger Review: Wild Carvery

Note: Old Location

I have to admit, I have driven by Wild Carvery on the corner of San Fernando Blvd. and Olive a hundred times and did not think twice about it being a burger place. But with 10 burgers on their menu, it drew me in.

Wild CarveryIt’s a little confusing as you walk in as you find that you need to order at the counter first before being seated. The counter area was somewhat congested and the menu not real clear although an employee was right there to hand you a menu.  After ordering, you can either eat outside on their nice patio or inside on some comfortable chairs that are made for a 5 star resort. Once you get away from the counter area, it is a beautiful, comfortable experience.

I went with the All natural Cheeseburger and added avocado for my first time although I was tempted by others such as the Barbecue Short Rib Burger and the Blue Burger (with aged Blue Cheese). They also feature others such as “The King” Pastrami Bacon Cheeseburger and the Classic Lamb Burger.

After we sat down my fries came first and even though I ordered them well done, they were not – they were medium. The fries however were made fresh and came with two dipping sauces that were really good. They started to become cold by the time the burger arrived.

Wild Carvery burgerAs you can see by the picture, the burger looks incredible. After a quick examination I found they had forgotten the avocado, which was disappointing, but not fatal. I looked at the receipt and it did not show it on there so the clerk, who heard me say it twice, just forgot.  My friend also had his order wrong also and I heard him ask for something twice on his order.

Let’s get to the burger itself. if that picture look good, it still does not do the burger justice. It come with cheddar cheese, red onion, pickles and their homemade garlic aioli on a brioche bun with a knive for those of you who like to cut your burgers in half – not me though! The $13 price suddenly looks like a bargain.

According to their menu, they use natural beef and grind it fresh daily.  It tastes like it.  While I am not really a fan of the mixed greens and the slice of red onion that sometimes does not bite off well, that is still no excuse not to love this burger. I was blown away by the taste. The cheese was plentiful, the toasted buns did not fall apart.

Wild Carvery 2 burgerThe meat was seasoned perfectly and the garlic aioli sauce was just the right amount to create a flavor explosion. I was disappointed three quarters through that it was about to come to an end.

But now my medium cooked fries were cold.

Wild Carvery is an enigma. It seems to have so many problems in getting the experience right, but the food itself is outstanding. It is frustrating when they get the order wrong but maybe I was just there on a bad day or time. I will go back because I have to try a couple of these other burgers.

Wild Carvery also offers Vegan, Gluten or Dairy Free options. Everything is fresh and sourced locally/

One other problem and nothing the restaurant can do…the parking sucks. You have to drive around to find a place and nothing is close. Expect to park in one of the City lots about a block or so away and walk.

Wild Carvery is located at 150 E. Olive, Burbank – on the corner of Olive and San Fernando. 818 859-7233. Open Monday – Friday 7 am to 9 pm and Saturday 8 am to 9 pm and Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Wild Carvery receives: Tops in Town

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