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Since we are now in the holidays, it is important to watch what you eat at times because when it comes to those holiday feasts, all rules go out the window.  So with that in mind, we thought we would try a healthy option, Full O’ Life.

life-3Most people have only driven by the front, but inside are some healthy options along with some other options that you spend every meal with.

Their restaurant is part of their store and side by side with each other. On the menu they have many healthy non-meat options but they also have “Natural Harmony Farms Free Range Beef Burger 1/3 lb”  They also have some side options like white cheddar cheese for $1 and avocado $2 which I also went for.

The meal also comes with a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise or vegenaise, and your choice of raw carrot slices or Kettle potato chips. I went with the kettle chips because I can only take so many healthy options after all.

life-1When the burger came it looked alright. The avocado was plentiful but it could have used a little more of the white cheddar cheese. While the patty rested on the bottom bun, which were both toasted, it was cooked medium and the patty was preformed.  The whole wheat bun was fresh and actually tasted good.

What was interesting was what I first thought was pickles on the side of the plate were actually sliced cucumber.  I threw it on the burger and it tasted alright but I would have preferred the pickles.

As I ate the burger, I was pleasantly surprised as to the taste and overall flavor. While the patty was not as juicy as I usually like, it still was good and the bun held up all the way through. The white cheddar was good, but I would lose the taste at times.

life-2Overall, I thought the burger was a welcome surprise.  While it is on the healthy side, it does show that you can have a burger still work without all the fat and calories.  While I would not eat it on a regular basis I would not mind having it again either.

I am giving it an above average rating because here are some real good parts overall.

Side Notes: The kettle chips were just poured out of a bag and some of the pieces were just crumbs. They were fresh but nothing special.  I also tried the cole claw and I just did not like it.  It was not juicy and was hard to recognize all the elements.  I am sure if you are health conscience you would probably enjoy it – it was just not for me.

Full O’ Life is located at 2515 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank– (818) 845-8343

. Open everyday from 8 am to 3 pm.

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