Burroughs Choir Takes Second Place In Over-All Competition At Burbank High’s Blast

Members from John Burroughs High School's Powerhouse are awarded Second Place from Burbank High's VMA Co-Presidents Mackey Smith & Kaylee Mackey. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

This past Saturday The Burbank High School’s VMA put on ‘The Burbank Blast Show Choir Competition’, with high schools from Arcadia, Carlsbad, Diamond Bar, Gladstone, Glendora, Hart, John Burroughs, Los Alamitos, and Serrano all taking part. The events for every choir started early Saturday morning, and the final competition took place well into the wee hours of midnight.

These show choirs are the best in the country, and everyone came away with awards in several categories. The Burroughs Powerhouse walked away with 2nd Place overall, with the top Choir  from Los Alamitos. The host choir Burbank High’s InSync preformed their set but do to fairness did not compete.

Next week Burroughs puts on their  Pop Show 32 ‘I Want It All’ Feb. 24 – 27, it’s well worth anybodies money to see these fine Burbank youth perform.

Burroughs Choir performs (Photo By Ross A. Benson)
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