Burroughs Cross-Country Teams Shine

It's off to the races for the Burroughs and Burbank cross country teams (Photo by Craig L.Sherwood)
By Rick Assad
Sports Editor


Several top times and finishes were turned in by the Burroughs High cross-country teams at the Great Cow Run in Cerritos on Saturday, and they include Emily Virtue’s second-place finish in the girls’ varsity race in a time of 17 minutes and two seconds, Alexander Hirsch’s fifth-place showing in the boys’ varsity race (14:52) and teammate Timothy Wells’ 10th place (15:00).

In the same race, Justin Villagran captured 12th (15:01), while Jagdeep Chahal took first place (15:29), and set the record in the boys’ sophomore division.

Meanwhile, Adam Villalpando grabbed 31st (15:39) and Daniel Fendrich took 39th (15:46) in the boys’ varsity race.

Other finishes in the boys’ varsity trek include Manne Green getting 66th (16:05), Christian Fuentes placing 70th (16:10) and Trent Harrison garnering 87th (16:27).

Patrick Wells grabbed 90th (16:30) and Seth Battilana was 103rd (16:43) in the boys’ varsity division.

Burroughs and Burbank will battle it out this season in both genders (File photos by Dick Dornan)
JBHS cross country teams had solid times at Great Cow Run in Cerritos. (File photo by Dick Dornan)

Betsy Ramirez was 86th (20:33) and Jailene Diaz came in 128th (21:22) in the girls’ varsity division.

Javier Hurtado finished 14th (17:02) in the boys’ junior varsity race, David Olympia placed 23rd (17:26), Cobie Cortez was 30th (17:39), Eduardo Cabrera was 43rd (17:49) and Branden Sanchez finished 114th (19:11).

Ariel Ramirez placed eighth (21:45) in the girls’ junior varsity run, Graison Anderson was 18th (22:14), Andrea Duran got 40th (23:03), Maddy Davis was 42nd (23:05), Lisandra Contreras grabbed 88th (24:35) and Destiny Velasquez was 145th (29:04).

Chris Hoxsie was sixth (16:02) in the boys’ sophomore run, Andrew Hoxsie placed 10th (16:14), Jerry Hoxsie was 35th (17:10), Asif Chowdhury took 38th (17:14), Ethan Brown was 56th (17:42) and Charanpreet Singh placed 58th (17:43).

Sapphire Sandoval was eighth (20:09) in the girls’ sophomore race, Catrina Villalpando was 35th (21:38), Ana Villalpando took 49th (22:11) and Maya Santos was 111th (24:21).

Ethan Galloway came in 22nd (17:39) in the boys’ freshman race, Zander Tassart was 52nd (18:25), Cade Morgan grabbed 64th (18:43), Johnny Padungyothee took 82nd (19:00), Peter Lainson was 86th (19:04) and Cameron Gomez placed 192nd (21:06).

Lakely Nealis was eighth (19:39) in the girls’ freshman division, Phoenix Reivers finished 20th (21:02), Julianna Navarro was 45th (22:19), Iliana Mendias was 125th (24:44), Jazmend Ortega took 182nd (26:39), Sharai Barrera grabbed 192nd (27:33) and Angelica Thompson was 218th (30:29).

Burroughs’ next cross-country meet will be the Rosemead Invitational this Saturday, and Coach John Peebles is looking for more solid times and finishes.