Burroughs High School Drama Department to Present “Almost, Maine”


The John Burroughs High School Drama Department is proud to present “Almost, Maine” on November 17th & 18th (at 7pm), and 19th (at 2pm).

Written by John Cariani, the play explores the love lives of nine different couples living in the town of Almost. These vignettes, all of which taking place in the same ten minutes, offer a glimpse into the absurd, tragic and magical reality of love.

Over the last year and a half, drama director Beth Meberg has overseen a drastic shift within the department, starting with an increase in student involvement in production. From costuming to production design to student directing, nearly the entirety of the creative design behind “Almost, Maine” was developed within Burrough’s own play production classroom.

Ms. Meberg, or “Meeb” to her students, has led this class in producing one of the most technically spectacular and emotionally mature productions ever put on. “Almost, Maine” truly is something for everyone—whether you be a drama enthusiast, a hopeless romantic, or simply a theatre kid at heart, this production is not one you’ll want to miss.