Burroughs High School Jazz Ensemble Presents Annual Swing Night

( photo courtesy of Conrad F. Olivas, III)

On the heels of the Liberty Bowl Half Time Show performance, and switching gears from Marching Band to Orchestral Band, the versatile John Burroughs High School Instrumental Music Association is ready to Swing!

(photo courtesy of Conrad F. Olivas, III)

One of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the JBHS IMA, Swing Night, showcases the John Burroughs High School Jazz Ensemble. The Jazz Ensemble will play the finest culmination of big band music that months of study has prepared them for.

As attendees arrive, the opening band, White Bow Tie Society, will serenade the crowd with a set of traditional jazz music. White Bow Tie Society is comprised of 6 members of the Jazz Ensemble who study and play traditional jazz, Latin and funk.

This special night then launches off with a Swing Dance lesson taught by Burroughs alumna and professional dance instructor Linda Shoemake. Then use what youʼve learned to swing the night away to live music all performed by the Jazz Ensemble. Peruse the opportunity baskets featuring a variety of prizes that will be raffled during the event. To keep your energy up there will be an assortment of tasty hor dʼoeuvres.

The IMAʼs goal is to raise funds to help with costs involved for the Jazz Ensemble to participate in the Central Coast Jazz Festival and the Reno Jazz Festival, among others, in the coming months.

This night of fun all takes place Saturday, January 19th at the Friendship Auditorium, 3201 Riverside Drive, in Los Feliz. Tickets are available for purchase through any JBHS IMA member or online at www.jbhsima.org.