Burroughs Maintains Hold of the myBurbank CUP

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)
By Rick Assad

Sports Editor

Competition is the lifeblood of sports, and when it comes to cross-town high school rivals Burbank and Burroughs, it can mean even more.

The “myBurbank CUP” has been around two years, and for the second time the Indians have taken the prized trophy which was presented to the school recently at the Burroughs’ athletic department office. Burroughs defeated Burbank, 96-56, to conclude the 2014-15 athletic year.

Points are awarded based on head-to-head competition with the winning team getting one point in sports contested more than once, and two points when the sport is contested once.

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)
(L to R) Sports Editor Rick Assad, Marty Garrison, Kenny Knoop, Deborah Madrigal and Matt Chambers hold the myBurbank CUP (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

If a team sweeps, it gets one point. If a team wins the league title, it receives four points, and an undefeated league title means five points. Add one point for a CIF Southern Section playoff appearance, two if the team wins one playoff game, three for two playoff victories, five for three playoff wins, seven for four wins, eight for four wins and a CIF title, and 10 points for five wins and a CIF crown.

If a team makes a state appearance, an additional two points are earned, four if the squad wins a state contest, six for two state victories, eight if the team wins a Southern California Regional game, and 12 points if the team takes the state championship.

“I’ve been part of athletics at Burroughs for a long time,” said Kenny Knoop, Assistant Principal of Athletics and Activities. “I was a football player. I’m a coach and I’m in the athletic department. I know everybody in the athletic department works really hard and the kids work really hard.”

Knoop went on: “When I played football here, we didn’t win many games. Wins were the icing on the cake. But I look at it as at least I got a chance to play, and I was blessed. It’s good to see so many of the programs successful. Of course, football gets a lot of attention because it’s the first sport starting the school year.”

Burroughs Principal Deborah Madrigal was thrilled her school prevailed over rival Burbank in claiming the “myBurbank CUP,” which is presented by Trophy King & Gifts of Burbank.

“I’m definitely proud of all the students who helped us win,” Madrigal said. “There’s a lot of hard work that goes in and working together to create the results. It’s the students, the staff and the coaches that helped us win.”

Madrigal believes winning the “myBurbank CUP” keeps school spirit alive and thriving. “It’s always nice to win,” she said. “When you win, the morale on campus is happy.”

Matt Chambers, Assistant Principal, was effusive in his praise for all concerned in helping Burroughs claim a second “myBurbank CUP.”

“I think the credit for our success in winning this trophy has to go to the athletic department,” he said, “and that’s Athletic Directors Jose Valle and Marty Garrison, along with athletic secretary Debbie Gudzin.”

Chambers added: “They have great support, but it starts at the top and it trickles down to the coaches and the athletes. There’s stability in the athletic department and with our coaches. There are 18 different coaches, and most of them have been around for many years. There’s continuity here and that helps being successful.”

Garrison has been a fixture at Burroughs for three decades. “For me, it’s about having great leaders,” he said. “People like Jon Lloyd and Brian Hurst. I think since 1948 until now, we’ve had five athletic directors. The guys stick around here. Everybody bought in here. We have stability. We teach more than winning. We don’t always have winning teams, but we have successful people.”

Garrison pointed to the cramped office he occupies and noted. “We do a lot with the space we have,” he said. “There’s a lot of dedication here.”

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