Burroughs Drama Students Honored with the 2016 Artistic Merit Award

Daniel Beimford (Matthew Harrison Brady) and Madison Mayer (Rachel Brown) in Burroughs High School's "Inherit The Wind." (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Earlier this month, JBHS Drama Teacher Guy Myers took 26 drama students to the California Educational High School Theatre Festival in Fullerton. During the weekend program, students watch four plays, numerous scene performances, improvisational comedy skits, and more. Students also participate in scholarship competitions and take theatre workshops. It is a jam-packed weekend of theatre arts education.

At the awards ceremony on Sunday, the cast and crew of the school’s production of Inherit the Wind were honored with the 2016 Artistic Merit Award. Each year this special award is given to the school that tackles difficult and important material with exceptional artistic vision. Congratulations to these talented drama and tech students! This, of course, wouldn’t be possible without all of the parent volunteers, the design team, and the wonderful collaboration of Jon King and John Benne.

Each participating school also enters three seniors in the Senior Acting Scholarship Competition where students must perform two contrasting monologues. Out of approximately 150 students, all three of the Burroughs entries made it to the final round (the top 12). Congratulations to Nick Apostolina, Daniel Beimford, and Madison Mayer. After the finals round, both Nick Apostolina and Daniel Beimford were awarded acting scholarships from the judges (they award 5 scholarships from the top 12).

Additionally, students entered a scene competition, and out of 15 scenes, they were awarded second place. Congratulations to Matt Bond, Daniel Beimford, Joe Ricciardella, and Sully Zack.

And finally, they also awarded JBHS with 13 certificates of Outstanding Performance:

For acting:

–   Nick Apostolina

–   Daniel Beimford

–   Matt Bond

–   Madison Mayer

–   Maddie Seiffert

–   Sully Zack

For tech:

–   Talya Cohen (student producer)

–   Andrea Nazev (sound)

–   Ben Turner (sound)

–   Sara Anderson (sound)

–   Katrina Villareal (lighting)

JBHS also received certificates for costume design and direction.

If you would like to experience the talents of this amazing group first-hand, you won’t want to miss their upcoming production of the musical Hairspray on February 5th and 6th at 7pm and February 7 at 12pm. Ticket prices are as follows: Adults are $18; Students and Seniors are $10. Priority seating is available at $25

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