BUSD Meeting: Dr. Matt Hill Relieved Of Duties As Superintendent

After a late start by more than a half hour, the meeting featured Andrew Cantwell discussing an accounting error and then gave a budget update.

(Photo By Ross Benson)

At the most recent Burbank Unified School Board meeting on Thursday night at City Hall, in a unanimous 5-0 vote, Dr. Matt Hill was relieved of duties as the BUSD Superintendent, effective June 30.

No details were given on why Dr. Hill was relieved of his duties.

Dr. Hill will be given his full year’s salary and will also be given one year’s worth of health benefits which amount to a little more than $314,000.

Last July, the Board voted to give Hill and several; other key administrators new contracts even though their contracts did not expire until the end of the school year in 2023.

A statement from Dr. Hill, who began his tenure in 2015, was made available to this website and it reads in full:

I am excited to see Dr. Paramo take on this new role. Dr. Paramo is an amazing educator, leader, and person. I look forward to hearing about the wonderful things he will do for this district in his new role.

We have had an amazing run of instructional impact and outcomes over the past eight years, which speaks to the brilliance and excellence of our students and their caregivers. I will fully support Dr. Paramo as he transitions to his new role.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve the Burbank community over the last eight years. I have been inspired by the achievements of our students during their time at BUSD and beyond. I have loved the opportunity to help over 14,000 students realize their dreams each year. Our student success is based on the amazing partnership with parents and caregivers and the dedication and passion of the over 1,700 BUSD employees. I know the team in place will continue the amazing work that we have been doing.

I look forward to hearing about the success of our current and former students in the future.

Matt Hill

Dr. John Paramo will be the acting superintendent until a full-time superintendent can be found.

Paramo has more than three decades in education and has demonstrated a strong commitment to student equity and achievement.

On June 7, at a special meeting, the board placed Dr. Hill on paid administrative leave, according to an email sent out by Steve Ferguson, the President.

Under Dr. Hill’s watch over the last two years, 10 of the 19 principals in the district have left and so have a few administrators.

Additionally, a parcel tax also failed to be passed by the voters across the last two years.

In other matters discussed on Thursday, Andrew Cantwell, Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services, disclosed an accounting error and provided a budget update.

Cantwell showed a slide report on excess reserves as of June 15, and they are as follows:
A) 2021-2022 carryover $3,265,474.

B) 2022-2223 reserves $10,804,391.
C) 2022-2023 expenditures $11,652,944.
D) 2022-2023 estimated carryover $2,443,921.

E) 2023-2024 estimated revenues $11,258.800.
F) 2023-2024 Estimated Expenditures $12,637,127.
G) 2023-2024 estimated Carryover $1,065,394.

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