BUSD Meeting: Short, Sweet, With Many Approvals, Ratifications

The Burbank Unified School Board meeting is just under three hours and includes the recent hiring of Jennifer Nicholson, the director of special education and psychological services.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The last Burbank Unified School Board meeting on Thursday night at City Hall was fairly short as it took two hours and 47 minutes, but still a few important approvals and ratifications were in order as well as the recent hiring of Jennifer Nicholson, the Director of Special Education and Psychological Services.

Dr. Emily Weisberg, a board member said, “you have to board to support you,” to Nicholson.

Board member Dr. Armond Aghakhanian also welcomed Nicholson and said, “you can always reach out to us.”

Steve Ferguson, the board president, was also welcoming and said, “it is clear where your values are and that we’re lucky to have you and this community needs you.”

The five-member board approved the fiscal crisis and management assistance team and was presented by Andrew Cantwell, assistant superintendent, administrative services.

The board ratified the agreement between the Burbank community YMCA for childcare services.

Additionally, the board ratified the 4-step salary schedule for certificated assistant superintendents.

The board also ratified the employment contract for assistant superintendent of instructional services.

The five-member board also approved the employment contract for the interim assistant superintendent of educational services.

The board then ratified the employee reclassification, job descriptions and certificated supervisors and managers salary schedule.

Next on the agenda was that the board approved the directives for coaching and athletic/activities camp stipends.

The board then approved the amended contract for the California department of rehabilitation services.

The last item of the evening was the acceptance of gifts to the district and that the board president conveys and gives thanks to the donors.

The other items on the night’s agenda, and they were several and were held over until the next scheduled meeting.