BWP Employees Thwart Thieves Theft of Wire


Alert Burbank Water & Power employees thwarted an attempt by thieves to steal three large spools of copper power lines Wednesday morning.

Shortly after 3 a.m., the employees at the City-owned facility located adjacent to Ralph Foy Park, called police to report a possible theft in progress after they noticed a truck backed up into the rear gate of the facility.

When officers arrived to males were seen fleeing from the facility.  A perimeter was immediately set up.  The police K-9 unit was used to help in the search for the two men. The suspects were not found.

Officers did find a truck and forklift stolen from Lowes, inside the yard area.  The ignition on both had been punched, and they were left running.  The forklift was next to three large spools of copper wire used for electrical lines.  It appeared to officers that the suspects had been attempting to lift the heavy spools into the stolen truck.

Police are continuing their investigation.  This is just the latest in rash of cases involving the theft of copper wire.

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