Car Show Draws Crowd To Witness Burbank’s Automobile History

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The United in Peace community walk at George Izay Park may have taken its place in Burbank history (and rightfully so), but there was another event going on across from Nickelodeon Studios. On Sunday, November 19th, the 22nd Annual All Chevy Vintage Car Show at Community Chevrolet attracted a crowd due to its candied collection of automobiles.

Bob Greene, Fleet Manager, stated, “This is our 22nd Annual All Chevy Vintage Car Show. We’ve been doing this now for 22 years. Thank goodness this year was our largest one yet, we had somewhere between 125-130 cars. So the original owner, back 22 years ago, is the one who actually started this. We do it for basically the Chevy community also for the community here in Burbank. We do not charge to have the show here. We do it to help out this particular car club. It’s actually the San Fernando Valley Vintage Chevy Car Club.”

Chad Kelman, Dealer at Community Chevrolet, exclaimed, “We’ve been doing this for 22 years, and it really gives us an opportunity to open up our store to the community. Show off some amazing pieces of history and also show off some new ones. But really get our community together, certainly coming out of COVID. Each year it’s gotten bigger and bigger. But we’re really here to gather people together and enjoy automobiles, and a great setting here down at the store.”

Lou Repoli, proud owner of a 1939 Chevrolet Woodie, reminisced on the past and present connections to his automobile. “Back in 1939, Chevrolet entered the woodie into their lineup of distribution,” he said. “There are 989 woodies made. This is made by Joseph Cantrell, a wood builder back in the day. There were four different wood builders. The car’s been completely restored with all accessories. It’s a driver, I drive it all over!”