Cars and Jets Take Over Hollywood Burbank Airport Hanger


At 9:00 am on Sunday, September 9, 60 Supercars Lined up outside of Hollywood Burbank Airport to enter what is one of California’s most prestigious car events, “Cars and Jets”. The event was held in one of the airport’s private hangers packing the location with around 60 super cars from all over the country and two private jets. 

Steven Barth ran the event. A car enthusiast himself, Barth said “The reason I created Cars & Jets is because of the lack of privacy in the car community”. He also added “As an owner of exotic cars you get a lot of questions from people asking for advice, some asking for investments in their big new ideas and I also get a ridiculous amount of requests from photographers to set up shoots.

This is fun for a while but you do get tired of it. With the huge popularity of the car scene on Instagram, people are losing the original idea behind what car meets started out as. It used to be owners getting together in parking lots and enjoying each other’s companies and cars”. 

In addition to all the supercars, there were two Gulfstream jets that you could enter and feel like you were a millionaire flying 30,000 feet up in the air.

If you got hungry at the event that was no problem because they had a private catering company come out to serve gourmet tacos. There was also coffee and drinks which topped the over all experience of “Cars And Jets”

Car owner Kenny Beainy (@RSresport) added “Everyone at Cars and Jets was treated equal no matter if you where a millionaire or just a regular person, car owners bonded and just over all had fun. 

All in all “Cars And Jets” was a spectacular event where car owners got together to just have fun and get to know other fellow car enthusiasts  

The Next “Cars and Jets” event is supposed to take place in December, for the exact date follow @carsandjetsofficial on instagram.

All photos by Connor McCrory

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