Cartoon Network Thanks Employee Volunteers For Ongoing Service

By On June 6, 2014

Cartoon Network held a rooftop picnic to thank employee volunteers for their ongoing service with organizations and schools in the Burbank and Los Angeles area on Wednesday, June 4. Director of Operations and Community Relations Zita Lefebvre highlighted some of the studio employees’ outreach including work with children in the community and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Representatives from some Cartoon Network partner organizations, such as Family Service Agency, the Stevenson Elementary Garden Club, Kids Community Dental Clinic, the Wildlife Learning Foundation, BCR A Place To Grow and Boys & Girls Club of Burbank attended the picnic as well.

Some of the many Cartoon Network employee volunteers enjoy the annual thank-you luncheon. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Cartoon Network employee volunteers enjoy the annual thank-you picnic on the roof. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Lefebvre pointed out some of the art therapy images shared by Laurie Bleick, Executive Director of the Family Service Agency, a local organization providing help to people and families in crisis.

Tammy List, a Cartoon Network employee, also channels her passion for animals into ongoing service with the Wildlife Learning Foundation (WLF.) Based in Sylmar, the foundation runs a small animal sanctuary for rescued animals who cannot be released into the wild and visits schools and birthday parties to educate the public about wildlife conservation, she said.

On Turner Community Day, several Cartoon Network employees visited the WLF facility with much needed manpower, building a shed, painting and sprucing up the sanctuary.

Sherry DeLizia, Creative Arts Director at the Boys & Girls Club (BCG) talked about some ongoing programs for which Cartoon Network provides funds and volunteers. Cartoon Network’s relationship with BCG stretches back for over a decade, she said.

“They have been an amazing support,” DeLizia commented. “Their grants have enabled showcases and performances of dancing and acting classes. We have been able to buy costumes for performances and hire teachers from the Garri Dance Studio for the dance classes.”

Fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits from the Stevenson Elementary garden. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits from the Stevenson Elementary garden were shared at the Cartoon Network volunteer picnic. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Cartoon Network’s ongoing support of the Stevenson Elementary School Garden Club was greatly appreciated by garden representatives Claire Torrey and Charlene Ishkhanian. Lefebvre and the studio have donated a raised garden bed for special needs student access and have provided a picnic table, benches, trees, and seeds, said Torrey.

The studio has also connected the Stevenson Garden with local business partners such as Sheridan Gardens and Lowe’s for additional support and resources.