Catalytic Converter Thefts on the Rise Trio Arrested while Caught in the Act


In the last week, Burbank Police have reported they have taken several reports of Catalytic Converter thefts in all parts of the city.

Courtesy Burbank Police Department


According to PIO Derek Green, an alert citizen was helpful in the apprehension of four suspects that were in the process of stealing a catalytic converter on busy Buena Vista near Burbank Blvd.

The citizen called police because they saw a van parked next to a parked car with what appeared to be a person under the parked car, Burbank officers were nearby and when they arrived on the scene they detained 4 suspects. 

The suspects Mario Maldonado, 30, Los Angeles, Carlos Hernandez, 42, Los Angeles, Arnulfo Bernal, 49, Los Angeles and Israel Lopez, 29, Los Angeles. they were all booked for suspicion of grand theft and their car was impounded.