Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday Separate Section

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Big Model Contest During World War II

Prizes and trophies were awarded and it was “Big Doings” at Olive Rec here in town

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Old Trapper’s Lodge

Many may remember the Legend of the Old Trapper’s Lodge

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank on Parade

At this time the parade was on San Fernando Road and headed north along the very crowded street.


Located on the triangular corner where Winona & Naomi meet San Fernando Road

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Big Boy! A Burbank Tradition

The Big Boy the signature Burger was originally made as a joke for a customer who asked Wian for “something different”


In the 1920’s, a project to build homes and a shopping district was begun

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Starlight Theater/Bowl

Originally called the Starlight Theater it was once part of the Oliver Stough Property located in a natural canyon in the Verdugo mountains

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: From San Francisco With Love

Dr. David Burbank first set up his business in the Express Building on Montgomery Street In San Francisco in the mid 1800's

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Villa Cabrini / Woodbury

The school was a beautiful campus at the edge of Burbank on Glenoaks. Thousands of girls over the schools long run went from grade school through high school

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Magnolia Theater

Back in March we talked about the Cornell Theater today we will travel back to another Theater that holds many memories for Burbankers on that edge…

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Ozzy Osbourne, Quite Riot & Burbank Connection

Randy Rhodes went to elementary school here and to John Muir and Burbank High before forming Quiet Riot and joining Ozzy

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Original Library

On Olive ave. where part of Bellermine Jefferson High School has the end of its building once stood the original main Library for Burbank