Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday Separate Section

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s First Real School Building

It had a belfry or bell tower which housed the bell that called the boys and girls of the community to school each morning

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank Villa Hotel

Dr Burbank himself took on the task of building a first class hotel for local visitors to stay.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: No Factory Here, Just Farms!

Imagine the entire Empire shopping center covered in chicken wire with painted feathers to look like alfalfa fields

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank Community Hospital

Way before Saint Joseph’s Hospital was the main source of Medical care in Burbank, there was a place called the Burbank Community Hospital

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Train Depot

Today under the Olive Avenue Bridge there is a gleaming modern train station. It has ample parking, and Elevator to take people up to or down from…

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Cornell Theater

Located on San Fernando Rd. between Bethany and Cornell Dr. it was one of the most stylish movie houses in Burbank

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank 1945 Becomes a Repatriation Community!

Burbank was named as one of the repatriation cities for Japanese Americans and took this job very seriously

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Forget John Deere Get Your Earthmaster Tractor Right Here!

Yes Burbank once had a tractor of its own


The park was noted for its wandering trails and its small stream and a large casting pool

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Orange Grove and Glenoaks, Once the Transportation Hub of Burbank

The Corner of Orange Grove and Glenoaks was the Burbank Depot for the RED CAR, the trolley system owned by Pacific Electric Railway

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Burbank’s Toy Maker, Seaver Toys

Located in what is now the back part of BWP on the corner of Lake and Olive Ave was the Seaver Toy Company

FRIDAY FLASHBACK: History Of Burbank’s City Seals – Part 2

Second part of the history of the Burbank City Seal

FRIDAY FLASHBACK: History Of Burbank’s City Seals

Burbank has been an incorporated City for 106 years and has had a number of different City Seals