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Saturday, October 1, 2022
Nikki Perez for City Council
Tamala Takahashi
Zizette Mullins for City Council

Letter to the Editor: Don’t let the Grinch ruin Burbank Pride

"...I experienced how City Staff creates obstacles for community organizations who want to have events in Burbank."

Letter to the Editor: Organization Wants You to Know About Who You Volunteer For

"Every nonprofit must disclose financial information publicly and these annual IRS 990 forms are available online"

Letter to the Editor: Burbank Teacher Gives His View on Burbank Book ‘Ban’

"Classic, beloved, and impactful books were hastily removed from classrooms without any true consideration for their value nor any academic discussion of their use."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Upset About Seeing a Lewd Act in Front of...

"...I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  The details are much too graphic to be printed"

Letter to the Editor: Retired Teacher Has Concerns With a Council Members Take on...

"City Councilmember Konstantine Anthony did not do “due diligence” in researching issues concerning BUSD."

Letter to the Editor: Dreams to Reality Foundation Would Like to Take Over Old...

"Dreams to Reality Foundation® proposes a public/non-profit partnership for the construction of micro-apartments"

Letter to the Editor: Council Member Wants You to Not Overlook School Board Election...

"But possibly the most overlooked race could be the election of two Burbank Unified School Board Members."

Letter to the Editor: Council Member Wants to See Public Comments Period Reinstated

"A key opportunity to speak and participate in the democratic process was eliminated in a 3 to 1 vote by my Burbank City Council colleagues"

Letter to the Editor: Readers Says Second Amendment Rights are Under Attack

"The City Council is considering a vote to limit the sale of legal firearms in Burbank and offend our Second Amendment rights"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants to See School Board Vote No on Superintendent...

"I would strongly encourage the Board of Education to vote no on this package in its current form and go back to the drawing board"

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The Pout-Pout Fish Musical at The Colony Theatre This Weekend

TheaterWorksUSA’s production of THE POUT-POUT FISH opened at The Colony Theatre in Burbank, CA on September 22. This weekend is the last chance...

Letter to the Editor: Mental Health Issues Need to be Addressed, Not Discussed

"I heard a lot of promises to provide more housing to address the situation, but I think there is a giant disconnect happening here."

myBurbank’s Halloween Guide

Here is our guide to all things Halloween! Find out what Halloween themed events, classes, carnivals, mixers and parties are happening in Burbank this October.