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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Letter to the Editor: Delivery of Pot to Burbank Residents is Illegal

"In a recent survey of 1,354 Burbankers, 57% believe that Burbank should maintain a ban on commercial pot sales."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Questions City’s Commercial Eviction Ban

"Many commercial property owners took out second mortgages on their homes to buy their commercial property..."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Worried About Growing Problem on Burbank Border

"The meth and heroin RV camp has now created a major public health hazard and a threat to public safety"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Would Like to See Less Trash on Parkways

"We have some pretty trashy folks living in Burbank who think that their garbage is someone's treasure..."

Letter to the Editor: Resident Says Better Vehicle Code Compliance May Make Burbank Safer

"Start by citing vehicles without front license plates, dark tinted windows and modified exhaust"

Letter to the Editor: How to Protect Yourself From Hackers

I would like to share a few remarks that may be of interest to fellow Burbankers who run a business or work on teams

Letter to the Editor: Resident Wonders Why Background Checks not Performed for Police Commission...

"The City confirmed that the criminal records were received before the vote was taken"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Hopes Drivers Will Make Good Parking Decisions

"We can all do our part by being courteous in our parking decisions"

Letter to the Editor: Police Could Use Their Time More Wisely

"Having 10 officers babysitting Council's pretty chain link fence TODAY is not a solution"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants to Stop the False Narrative on Police

Unfortunately, far too often, people call the Police rather than knock on their neighbor’s door..."

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City Attorney Amy Albano to Retire From Burbank in November

Last day on the job will be November 12. City Council to bring up Interim City Attorney in Tuesday's closed session meeting

Burbank Girls Tennis Too Deep for Burroughs

Burbank High's lone loss this season came at the hands of Arcadia High, which is ranked No. 4 in the CIF Division 1 poll.

Kenny Loggins Discusses Career, Upcoming Performance in Burbank This Sunday

Kenny Loggins discusses his career as a singer-songwriter and his upcoming performance this Sunday in Burbank.