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Letter to the Editor: Resident tells Metro “Mixed-Flow” is the best option for BRT...

"Replacing parking lanes with dedicated bus lanes will kill small businesses and force drivers to park in adjacent single-family neighborhoods"

Letter to the Editor: Just Say ‘No’ to Metro’s “Side Running” BRT Plan

"Dedicated bus lanes on Olive Avenue makes no sense and would be an irresponsible policy decision"

Letter to the Editor: Metro’s Dedicated Bus Lanes Not Worth the Damage to Businesses

" that’s not worth the harm to our businesses nor the detrimental impact on the quality of life for our residential neighbors

Letter to the Editor: Elected Officials Want You to Get Involved in Redistricting

"Over the course of the next few weeks, the Citizens Redistricting Commission will complete its work..."

Letter to the Editor: Eliminating Parking From Olive Ave. Will Hurt Businesses

"I urge the City Council to protect its constituents from BAD policy like this. It has to be Mixed-Flow or NO-GO!"

Letter to the Editor: Mayor Wishes All a Happy Thanksgiving

"I am also grateful for frontline personnel, doctors, nurses, police and fire, who do an outstanding job in our community"

Letter to the Editor: Business Owner Wants Your Help in Stopping “Curb Running”

"This would drastically change the look and feel of a core artery of our community"

Letter to the Editor: Olive Ave. Property Owner Says Metro’s Bus Project Does More...

"Removing all street parking on Olive to make room for dedicated bus lanes would be hurting the very people you are proposing to help..."

Letter to the Editor: City Attorney Wants to Set the Record Straight

"The purpose of this letter is to clarify some misinformation about the Burbank City Attorney’s Office"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Unhappy With New City Attorney’s Contract

"Mr. McDougall may be an incredible City Attorney, or not, but I am not okay agreeing to pay him for nine months of doing nothing if he is fired from the job"

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School District also reports 96 staff members have also tested positive since schools reopened January 3

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