Letter to the Editor: Resident Not Happy with Burbank’s Mayor

"While the role of mayor is mostly ceremonial, in cases of disaster or emergency, the charter authorizes the mayor to assume general control over all city services"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Upset With Mayor’s National Attention

Once again our Burbank Mayor, Anthony Konstantine, has exposed his agenda on National Television to abolish all Police Nation Wide

Letter to the Editor: Hindering Candidate Meet-and-Greet Events in Burbank is Voter Suppression

"It is disgraceful and unacceptable for any group to hinder Burbank voters from attending a meet-and-greet by any candidate or elected official"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants You to “Follow the Money’

"My experience these last few years is that the City Council majority is ignoring and disrespecting the people of Burbank in their attitudes toward speakers, in their deliberations, and in their final decisions"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Has a Warning for Medicare Patients

"I have an urgent warning to all Medicare cancer patients to watch out for how you are being billed"

Lettert to the Editor: Resident Want Burbank Tenants Union to Sit Down and Meet

"We are hopeful that given an opportunity to hear from them directly, and they from us, meaningful progress can be made in understanding each other’s prospects and concerns"

Letter to the Editor: Statement From the Burbank Armenian Association

"The Burbank Armenian Association, rooted deeply in the vibrant Armenian community of Burbank and beyond, stands as a beacon of cultural, educational, and social welfare"

Letter to the Editor: Residents Thank First Responders for National Night Out Attendance

We were honored to have visits from Burbank Fire Fighters and Battalion Chief, members of BPD command staff and Council Members

Letter to the Editor: Resident Urges Council to Allow Mariposa Foot Bridge to Accomodate...

"For 7 years I also battled the equestrians for my right to safely walk my bicycle across the public Mariposa foot bridge maintained by all Burbank taxpayers"

Letter to the Editor: Harnessing the Power of Knowledge Through Civic Discourse

"Knowledge is power and Burbank residents have been harnessing that power through recent community engagement efforts"

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AT&T Supports Home Again LA with Grant For Local Residences

"Many of the underserved individuals and families who seek our services share that they have little to no technology at home.

State Of The Schools Celebrated In Grand Fashion

The State of the Schools is looking up.

Latest Crimes Reported in Burbank

Crimes that were reported by the Burbank Police to CrimeMapping on Thursday, September 28