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Letter to the Editor: Resident Thankful for the Council’s Denial of the Pickwick Project

"I believe the Council’s action was correct, is supported by the City’s planning documents, and is in the best interest of the City"

Letter to the Editor: Rancho Residents Should Invest Their Money Instead of Depending on...

"...the City would be sued by either the Rancho residents or the developer, and Council decided to side with the residents"

Letter to the Editor: Burbank Taxpayers Could be the Big Losers in Pickwick Project

"Please take a long hard look at the potential devastating financial impacts that this project denial action, if continued, could bring upon the city as a whole"

Letter to the Editor: Adopting an updated Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan is a Positive...

Council Member wants public to understand important Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan adopted by the City of Burbank City Council

Letter to the Editor: Parent Frustrated at Not Being Included

" were planned out without my or any other LEAP parents' involvement."

Letter to the Editor: Reader Shares Concerns Against Metro’s Proposed Bus Plan

When the City Council, Planning and Transportation Staff, and community at-large are all publicly saying it’s Mixed Flow or NO-GO, that’s called a consensus

Letter to the Editor: Burbank Human Relations Council Member Wants Residents to Contribute to...

If you are interested in adding your name to the Sundown Town Resolution, BHRC invites you to visit Geo Gallery at 1545 Victory Blvd between 9am-4pm on Saturday, February 5, Monday, February 7 or Tuesday, February 8.

Letter to the Editor: Mixed-Flow Or No-Go

"These streets belong to Burbank and no outside agency should be able to mandate that we implement planning policy that’s harmful"

Letter to the Editor: Resident Wants Item Dumping to Stop

"What can we do to help stop this trend and keep Burbank beautiful?"

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Jaden Soong is the youngest winner of the Southern California Golf Association's amateur championship.