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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Burbank Mayor Wants Your No Vote on Measure RC

Measure RC will cost Burbank almost $6 million to set up a bureaucracy that operates outside our city government structure, imposes what can be described as a non-voter approved tax, and reports to no one

Letter to the Editor: Council Candidate Wants Amazon Taxed

When big businesses decide to open shop in our small town, we must take stock of the ramifications those businesses create in our local economy

Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Council Candidate

Burbank resident supports the candidacy of Konstantine Anthony

Letter to the Editor: Resident Supports Council Candidate

Burbank resident supports the candidacy of Paul Herman

Letter to the Editor: Election California Congressional District 26

"I live in Simi Valley now, but I am a true valley girl having lived in Burbank when my family came here from Detroit and all school years"

Letter to the Editor: Council Candidate Paul Herman Gives Opinion on Measure RC

It is important that Burbank residents also know this initiative will cost us nearly $6 MILLION dollars annually in YOUR TAXES to create and maintain this autonomous and unaccountable rent control board.

Letter to the Editor: Local Business Supports Burbank Police

"The men and women of the Burbank Police Department are people that I consider the bedrock of our community"

An Open Letter from Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse

"The Burbank Police Department shares in the community’s devastation and anger over the events leading to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis"

Letter to the Editor: African American History is More than Black History Month

Since my daughter has been in this district she has barely learned anything about African American history, and that is not productive for a well balanced education

Letter to the Editor: Burbank Councilman Reassures Public

"Please know our City is doing everything possible to maintain our essential services for the residents"

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Season Ends For Burroughs Girls Water Polo After Setback To Temple City

The Bears lose to the Rams 14-6 in a CIF playoff match.

Burroughs Girls’ Soccer Opens Playoffs in Style

Burroughs will get just one day of rest before playing St. Genevieve on Wednesday.

Stefanie Girard Supports Local Artists Through her “Art Candy Machine”

Just a block away from the Verdugo Aquatic center, lies a quiet Burbank neighborhood. Here at the corner of Oak and Fairview, lives Stefanie Girard, who brings art to the community through her “Art Candy Machine.”