Pet of the Week: Astrid

Astrid is a LARGE Armenian Gampr weighing in at 125 healthy pounds. She might not be the most coordinated, but she’s definitely the most enthusiastic. This girl LOVES belly rubs. She also loves getting scratches and spinning, bouncing and playing. She is very playful, responsive and excited at the opportunity to please her human. The only downside to this is that Astrid has no idea how big she is (she’s a lot to love!).


The Burbank Animal Shelter is running out of kennel space for their dogs and need dog fosters ASAP. Even if you can only foster for a few weeks, it will help. The shelter will match you with a dog that fits your lifestyle, and will cover all costs of care. Please foster a dog and help save a life!

Adoptable Pet of the Week: Kitten Fosters Needed!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, kitten season is in full swing. Stray and feral cats living in the wild are having kittens, and hundreds of these kittens are being turned in at the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Adoptable Pet of the Week: Sweetie

This friendly girl is winning over hearts at the Burbank Animal Shelter with her soft eyes and goofy smile (check out those dimples!). Sweetie has enjoyed the company of everyone she's met, including other dogs (a meet and greet play-date is a must if you currently own one), though the shelter doesn't know how she is around cats.

Adoptable Pet of the Week: Pablo the Great

Say hello to Pablo the great! This delightful boy is a ton of fun, and was definitely loved by a family before coming to the Burbank Animal Shelter. Pablo is a 2.5 year old male pit bull terrier that already knows "sit" and will do so while waiting to be fed in the morning by staff.  He is very smart, so continued training once adopted should be a breeze. Staff took him out on a hike and he did great and loved being out on an adventure.

Adoptable Pet of the Week: Atlas

Atlas is a sweet boy who was surrendered to the Burbank Animal Shelter as his previous owner's living situation changed and she could no longer keep him. He is a lovely dog, and an all-around good guy, but he is definitely nervous here at the shelter. He would do best in a quiet home with an experienced dog owner who can be a little patient with him.

Pet of the Week: Princess Jeannette

Meet Princess Jeannette, from the Burbank Animal Shelter, who is looking for a castle with one or two human servants to spoil her rotten. She is very opinionated and knows what she wants. Princess is very talkative when she wants something. Sometimes she's looking for pets, sometimes she wants to be brushed, other times she's just hungry. She is a huge fan of Fancy Feast canned food and catnip. She still plays now and then, and is quite spry for a senior cat. Princess would do best in a quiet home where she can rule the roost.

Pets of the Week: Sammie and Luna

Sammie and Luna were brought to the Burbank Animal Shelter as their previous owner became ill and could no longer care for them. They are a very sweet pair of bonded dogs that rely heavily on each other, so they need to be adopted together.

Pet of the Week: Coulson

Coulson is a 2.5 year old male Belgian Malinois mix at the Burbank Animal Shelter that is looking for someone who is not afraid to be loved...a lot. This sweet guy absolutely loves his people. Coulson spent some time in a foster home, there they quickly realized that he does not like it when he is left alone and will protest when his people go away.

Pet of the Week: Lola

Lola has been at the Burbank Animal Shelter for over a year and are not sure why nobody has come to adopt her. She is a super sweet Labrador mix that needs a home today!

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