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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Burbank General Fund Nearing Full Recovery According to City Council Presentation

Burbank City Council Receives report about budget, city financial status

Burbank Aligns Itself With Modern Times by Updating Discriminatory Ordinance

One of the changes to the ordinance was "No dancing shall be permitted except between persons of the opposite sex" to now be inclusive of everyone

Burbank City Council Set to Deliberate on New Single-Family Development Standards March 15th

Burbank City Council debates the implementation of updated single-family development standards, sets day of deliberation as March 15th

Burbank City Council Removes Water & Power Board Member for Not Complying With Vaccine...

After the Council's Action on a 3 to 2 vote, a second Board member submited his resignation from the Board in protest of the decision

Burbank City Council Approves Mylar Balloon Ordinance

Ordinance prohibits the sale of mylar (metallic) balloons filled with helium or gas that is lighter than air in Burbank

Burbank City Council Presented with Amendment Streamlining Standards for Single-Family Developments

Burbank City Council presented with amendment that would eliminate single-family special development permit, create objective standards

Burbank City Council Approves Citywide Goals for 2022s

Burbank City Council reviews goals of last year and approves new, yet similar, list of goals for new year

Burbank City Council Discusses Possible Paid Parking Lot at Downtown Metrolink Station, Updates Municipal...

Burbank City Council amends municipal code in order to allow for future fees and updated parking management

City Council Approves Ordinance to Oversee Development of SB35 Projects

Burbank City Council approves oversight of SB35 projects; presented detailed report on COVID-19 news by staff

City Council Denies Appeal to Halt New Mixed-Use Development at Old Fry’s Location

Burbank City Council rejects an appeal to stop development at the old location of Fry's Electronics, cites state and city development guidelines

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“Make no mistake, this court is not conservative — it is partisan, with a partisan and socially backward agenda."

Summer Family Fun: Petersen Automotive Museum

This summer, visiting the Petersen Automotive Museum, is a must-do for your bucket list. From the outside the giant red and metal structure looks like something out of a space film, but once inside hundreds of the most unique and rare cars glisten and sparkle covering three floors of space. Their featured exhibit, Bond in Motion, holds the official collection of James Bond vehicles that is now on display through October 23rd.