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Op/Ed: A Customer Asks: Why Am I Paying for You To Buy And Charge...

An expert explains – Burbank Water and Power (BWP) applied for CA state funds on behalf of Burbank to help the community transition to electric vehicles

Two-Alarm Electrical Fire at Warner Bros Knocked Down by Firefighters

A transformer exploded at Warner Bros. on Friday afternoon causing a second alarm response by firefighters

BWP Announces Approved Rate Changes to Achieve Sustainable Future and Maintain Reliability

The Burbank City Council has unanimously approved increases to Burbank Water and Power water and electric rates, effective July 1, 2023, and July 1, 2024

Op/Ed: A BWP Customer Asks: What Is BWP Doing to Minimize Rate Increases?

"As a not-for-profit community-owned utility, we set our rates to recover the cost of providing reliable water and electric services to our customers"

OP/ED: A BWP Customer Asks: How Can I Reduce My Water and Power Bill?

During the 2021-22 fiscal year, BWP invested more than $1.4 million toward energy and water efficiency programs for its residents and businesses

BWP Holds First Meeting to Plan Burbank’s Energy Future

Burbank Water and Power is preparing for the future of energy by embarking on the development of a 20-year long-term plan, called – the Integrated Resources Plan

Op/Ed: With all the rain, why are my water rates going up?

"...we are 100 percent dependent on water that we purchase from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California"

Op/Ed: A BWP customer asks: With inflation so high, how is this going to...

An expert explains: Utility inflation is actually higher than the national average, but BWP continues to find ways to balance reliability, affordability, and sustainability

Op/Ed: BWP Customers Ask, Why are Water and Electric Rates Increasing? An Expert Explains

As a not-for-profit utility, Burbank Water and Power (BWP) is balancing increased costs while maintaining affordability, and assistance in managing your bill

Op/Ed: An expert explains: What does all the recent rain mean for Burbank?

"One of the facts that surprises people when I talk about our water supply is that Burbank has no water rights."

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Soong Has Long Summer Ahead

Jaden Soong is the youngest winner of the Southern California Golf Association's amateur championship.

City Council to Talk About Taking a Stance on Israel Ceasefire at Tuesday’s Meeting

This upcoming discussion on July 15th is one that several constituents have been waiting for,

Burbank Police Log: June 24 – June 30

A tabulation of those people arrested by the Burbank police department.