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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Burger Review: Bea Bea’s Cafe

Fresh Ingredients lead to a great taste to this breakfast and lunch only restaurant

Burger Review: Coral Cafe

It is a great place to go to 24 hours a day, just don't go there craving a great burger

Burger Review: The Park Bar and Grill

While the burger may not be the best, at least you watch Dodger games although you can't hear Vin Scully

Burger Review: Olive’s Bistro

Yes a little pricey, but for hotel food, you can't beat this place

Burger Review: Umami Burger

Expensive but good, Burgr Dude throws a couple of curves at this one

Burger Review: Granville Cafe

If you are going for a great burger only, this is your stop

Burger Review: Ribs USA

Burger Dude warns this burger was constructed by someone that had no feel for appetizing food

Burger Review: V Boulevard Cafe

Just a tad into Glendale on Victory just past Western you will find this great little cafe

Burger Review: Buchanan Arms

Maybe the English have figured out the American burger - even better than some American restaurants

Burger Review: Eat’n Park

Another great breakfast spot and when you get the burger you will think what a great breakfast spot

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