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Burger Review: V Boulevard Cafe

Just a tad into Glendale on Victory just past Western you will find this great little cafe

Burger Review: Buchanan Arms

Maybe the English have figured out the American burger - even better than some American restaurants

Burger Review: Eat’n Park

Another great breakfast spot and when you get the burger you will think what a great breakfast spot

Burger Review: Public House Nowhere

This Public House Nowhere is actually somewhere and that place is on the burger map

Burger Review: Frank’s

This must be one of the most confusing restaurants in Burbank - and that includes the burger

Burger Review: Corner Cottage

There is definitely a reason there is not the same lines in the afternoon for the burgers that there are in the morning for breakfast burritos

Burger Review: Lancers

The burger kind of matches the restaurant - both need to be upgraded

Burger Review: Burbank Bar & Grille

The burger is not bad, but the parking is a lot worse

Burger Review: Story Tavern

Sometimes you can try and do everything right but it just does not add up to perfection

Burger Review: Forman’s

While technically not in Burbank, still a place that you need to go out of your way for.

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center Ranks Among Top 20 Hospitals Nationwide for Patient Experience

This recognition highlights the Burbank hospital’s unwavering commitment to delivering superior care

Burbank Police Log: February 5 – February 11

Keeping the city of Burbank safe and sound.

Adoptable Pet of the Week: Ringo

Ringo, from the Burbank Animal Shelter, is a big and gentle teddy bear with a thick and very soft powder puff coat.