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Burger Review: Tin Horn Flats

It's not only a Burbank landmark, but a great place to go for a great burger at lunch for a fair price

Burger Review: Norm’s Hamburger

Everything here is a little dated, including the burgers

Burger Review: Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill

It may be Joe's Great American Bar & Grill, but it is not a great burger

Burger Review: Peacha’s

While their motto is "Rock n' Tacos", this place really does rock with both their American and Mexican menu items

Burger Reviews: Fosters Freeze

As long as you don't mind eating outside, you might be pleasantly surprised with the burger

Burger Review: The Great Grill

The Great Grill is all about nostalgia, but does the Great Grill produce a great burger?

Burger Review: Dӧner Burger Grill

Burger has real potential with an interesting twist to the bun

Burger Review: Moore’s Delicatessen

If your sitting in the Burbank Jail and craving a cheeseburger, you won't have far to go for a good one when you are released

Burger Review – Apollo Burger

You would think that you were walking into the 70's when eating here, when frozen burger patties were acceptable

Burger Review: Café Olla

So much is so good about this place, but one flaw that is nearly fatal hurts this great burger

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