Burger Review: Dӧner Burger Grill

Burger has real potential with an interesting twist to the bun

Burger Review: Moore’s Delicatessen

If your sitting in the Burbank Jail and craving a cheeseburger, you won't have far to go for a good one when you are released

Burger Review – Apollo Burger

You would think that you were walking into the 70's when eating here, when frozen burger patties were acceptable

Burger Review: Café Olla

So much is so good about this place, but one flaw that is nearly fatal hurts this great burger

Burger Review – The Hangar Grille

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men just don't add up to a great burger

Burger Review: Gary Bric’s Ramp

While they may be known for their steaks and fish dishes, the burger is the lunch star

Burger Review: Rocky’s Bar & Grill

They may have the name right here because the burger is definitely 'rocky'

Burger Review: Wild Carvery

If you are just looking for a great burger - this is the place, everything else is an enigma

Burger Review – Hill Street Cafe

While Hill Street Cafe will not give you the 'blues' there is a small amount of room for improvement when it comes to the burger

Burger Review – Better Fresh Burger

While it may say and be fresh as the title indicates, I am afraid it is not better

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Burbank Police Log: September 4 – September 10

Maintaining law and order is important for the men and women in blue.

Cela Cafe to Celebrate Grand Opening with Burbank on Sept 30

Cela Cafe’s mediterranean restaurant is the talk of Burbank and has already been featured by numerous food vloggers across social media.  Cela Cafe took over the space where Healthy Bites was previously located, and is preparing for their grand opening event on September 30th.

Burroughs Girls Volleyball In A Battle With Rival Burbank

The rivalry between Burbank and Burroughs continued in a Pacific League girls' volleyball match.