Cell Phone Towers – They’re Everywhere in Burbank – Here is the List

By On June 5, 2012

On the City Council agenda tonight is the appeal for the Little White Chapel to have a cell phone antenna on their roof, changing site lines and raising the height of the building.

While the City Council can act on these measures and stop this cell tower, there are already over 100 cell phones antenna site facilities located throughout Burbank.  Most are on major streets, but still near residential aareas — and somre are just mere blocks away from schools.

We have obtained an official ‘unofficial’ list from the City of Burbank, noting  all the cell phone company sites throughout Burbank.

Many of these facilities have been in place for years.  After all, with all the people in Burbank that own cell phones and pads, there has to be numerous facilities that handle all of the information traveling wireless.