Chabad of Burbank Celebrates Chanukah with Menorah Lighting

Kids sing Jewish songs of Chanukah following the lighting of the Menorah on the AMC walkway. (Photo byRoss A. Benson)

Chabad of Burbank attempted to kindle that spark of Goodness and Kindness within each and every human being with their public displays of religious pride and freedom. The ceremony included the Menorah Lighting of the 9 foot Menorah, brief remarks about the Holiday and its universal message, traditional jelly doughnuts, Hot Latkas & applesauce, donated by Trader Joe’s, Chanukah chocolate gelt (coins) for the children, and some Jewish singing and dancing.

The holiday of Chanukah is a festival of victory and celebration for all times, highlighted by the kindling of Menorahs each night of the holiday. “It is a holiday replete with traditions, with displays of Jewish pride and unity,” said Rabbi Shmuly Kornfeld, Director of Chabad of Burbank, “yet it also contains a universal message for people of all faiths-that, ultimately, good will triumph over evil, freedom over oppression, and light over darkness.”

Chabad, an international Jewish outreach organization under the leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, OBM, has centers all over the world. With over 3600 offices and establishments around the globe, it is by far the largest network of Jewish religious and social services in the world.

During the holiday of Chanukah, all Chabad centers hold public Menorah Kindling Ceremonies to publicize the universal message of Chanukah. Chabad also sponsors the large Menorah standing in front of the White House, and “The Largest Menorah in the World” (50 feet high) which stands in New York City’s famed Rockefeller Center.

Other Menorahs will be placed throughout Burbank at various locations. Some of them include the, Fleet Fueling Gas station, two Ralphs locations and Albertsons.

Burbank Chamber

Chabad of Burbank will also have a couple “Menorah Mobiles” traveling around the community offering Chanukah Menorahs and candles, as well as gifts for children. The Menorah Mobile will have a large, illuminated electric Menorah attached to its roof to help further publicize the message of Chanukah, the message of “light over darkness”.

“In a world of spiritual darkness, aimlessness and confusion,” says Rabbi Kornfeld, “emerges the bold declaration: Let there be light! And, behold, for eight special nights around the world, light there is.”

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