Charges Filed Against Woman in Bret Harte, Emerson Thefts


Last October, police reported a woman who had entered the Bret Harte Elementary Campus, walked into an unoccupied classroom and stole a credit card and cash from a teacher’s purse. The female then used the credit card to make purchases at nearby Target Stores.

After the incident, Burbank Police Department appealed to the public for assistance in finding the suspect.

(Photo Courtesy Burbank Police Dept)
(Photo Courtesy Burbank Police Dept)

The public responded to their call for help almost immediately and learned the same suspect was responsible for committing an additional theft from Emerson Elementary School and several other similar type thefts across Los Angeles County.

Investigators followed leads, which led them to contact a female who was a person of interest in this case who also had an unrelated theft warrant out of Los Angeles for committing similar crimes. The investigators interviewed the female, but did not arrest her for the crimes in Burbank, but rather only on the outstanding warrant. At this time, no additional charges were pending against this woman.

As the investigation unfolded, detectives identified another person, 23 year-old Los Angeles resident, Morgan Aissa Woods, who police believed was responsible for the crimes in this case. An arrest warrant was obtained for Woods’ arrest and she was arrested this past Monday morning, November 15, 2015. Woods was interviewed and made admissions related to her involvement in the burglaries and thefts in Burbank and other jurisdictions.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed 13 charges against Woods in a felony complaint. The charges include counts of burglary and identity theft. Woods is being held in-lieu of $175,000 bail and due to appear in court Wednesday morning.

The Burbank Police Department wanted to thank the community in helping them identify the perpetrator of these crimes. They will continue to work with the Burbank Unified School District to make school campuses safe and comfortable learning environments.

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