Chase Bank is Robbed for Second Time in 10 Days


Burbank police were called to the Chase Bank at Burbank and San Fernando for the second time this month at 2:23 pm on Monday when a teller reported that a male black around 60 years old, heavy set, bald with a white goatee, presented a note demanding cash.

After the man received the money he exited the bank toward Burbank Blvd. and was last seen on foot leaving the rear of the bank.  Police were on scene within one minute of receiving the call but were unable to find the suspect.

The robbery is very close as the last one on Saturday December 15 around 1:30 pm when Burbank police officers responded to the same location.  The unknown suspect (described as Male, Black approximately 50 years of age) entered the bank as a regular customer.

The suspect waited in line and when it was his turn, handed the teller a note.  The suspect was given an undetermined amount of US currency and he left the location.  There was no mention of a weapon and none was seen.

Police are investigating both robberies.