Christian Perez Shares Exclusive Look at Tim Burton’s Childhood Burbank Home in Honor of Tim Burton Day

Christian Perez at Tim Burton's childhood home.

Realtor, Christian Perez has grown up in the same childhood home as director, producer, writer, and animator, Tim Burton. Perez has just released a video this week giving an exclusive look into the Burbank home that Burton grew up in.

This Sunday, Burbank native, Tim Burton will be recognized for his incredible contributions to film, at the Burbank International Film Festival being held at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center. A proclamation will be presented by the Burbank City Council to name September 24th, 2023 “Tim Burton Day” in the city of Burbank.

Burton was born in Burbank and attended Providencia Elementary School, Luther Middle School, and Burbank High School. The Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery can be found at the end of the block to where Burton grew up. “It didn’t quite feel morbid, although people probably think it is. It felt more exciting and lonely and special and emotional. I guess it was a good place to think,” said Burton in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. 

The Burtons sold their home back in 1999 to Perez’s aunt and uncle who were unaware of who Tim Burton was at the time. By 1999 Burton had already released Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sleepy Hollow. Perez’s family had even found old drawings on the wall underneath the built-in desk of the room Burton stayed in as a kid, but threw everything out because they were unaware of Burton’s significance in the film industry. 

The video put out by Perez this week includes an exclusive interior look of the home, stories about Burton’s childhood linked with the home, and personal stories from Perez growing up in a place with such cinematic significance. “I wanted to make this video to show that no matter where you come from, you can dream big and achieve anything, just like Tim Burton did,” said Perez. “Sharing stories from his childhood home connects his start, my family’s time there, and everyone in Burbank. It’s a story of hope and big dreams starting from simple beginnings.”


Many years back, Tim Burton showed up on the steps of his childhood home here in Burbank, but due to the language barrier of Perez’s uncle, he didn’t fully understand Burton’s request to come inside and was turned away.  Perez is now calling out to Burton and inviting him back. “I believe everyone should have the chance to revisit their childhood home. I’d love for Tim to have that opportunity and for him to feel he’s always been welcome.”

The video of the house can be found on Perez’s YouTube channel here. “I want people to feel inspired when they watch the video. Every home, every town has its own stories that can lead to big dreams. I hope viewers realize that no matter where they come from, they too can make their dreams a reality,” adds Perez. 

With Burton in town for the Burbank International Film Festival, Perez hopes Burton will have time to come by and visit his childhood home again. He invites Burton to reach out to him directly at or text/call (818) 237-0009 so he can arrange a tour. In the meantime, Perez will be attending the festival and looks forward to seeing Burton recognized for all his achievements by the city he grew up in. He will also be hosting a private screening of Edward Scissorhands, his favorite Burton film, with his network and neighbors to commemorate “Tim Burton Day.”

“I’d like to express how this journey has been so much more than just a video project. It’s about celebrating roots, honoring creativity, and cherishing the memories that shape us. I hope viewers, Tim Burton fans or not, can connect with the essence of the story we’re trying to tell,” says Perez.

You can follow Perez on Instagram and to see the full YouTube video click here.

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