Christmas Decorating Contest Winners Announced


Another year brings us another year of great decorations in Burbank.

Our judging group has picked the winners for this year’s contest and the home at 1039 East Providencia has taken honors for 2018.


Second Place winner 1513 N Pepper Street (Photo by Ross A Benson)

Second Place is located 1513 N. Pepper Street






Third Place 2352 N Orchard Street. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

Third Place at 2352 N. Orchard Drive. 


According to Tadeh Sayadian, the Chairperson for the judging, “Every home was decorated differently, and the homeowners put in a lot of time. We also saw Santa on the roof.

The holidays are here and we had the opportunity to go out and see all of the beautiful decorations that our wonderful Burbank residents did this year. We had some rain, but that did not keep us from going out. We has the opportunity to speak with a few of the homeowners and they mentioned that they had decorations stolen and others mentioned that the decorations were damaged due to the rain. But their Christmas Spirit would not be stolen or damaged.”

We thank everyone for entering. Here are some others houses the judges said were worth a look:


513 Florence Street 
2418 Orchard
812 Irving
826 Hampton
2111 Groton
907 Bel Aire
1012 San Jose
1033 Providencia
901 Providencia
1114 Sunset Canyon
1057 Tujunga
1316 Catalina Street


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