Circus Vargas Going Strong Through Sunday


There are few things in this world that are made out of pure magic.  One being Disneyland of course, but another being the circus.  We all have memories of the circus as a child. The smell of buttered popcorn, the extraordinary acts that one can do with their bodies that our eyes have trouble believing, and the sound of a crowd applauding one of the greatest shows on earth. That is exactly what you can expect at Circus Vargas located right here in Burbank, CA.

Circus Vargas will be wrapping up their last few days of shows here in town before heading off to their next stop on their tour in San Diego.  It’s not too late to see this spectacular performance though, tickets are still on sale for their shows through February 9th. 

Every year as the circus returns to town their show gets bigger and better. This year’s theme is “Mr. V’s Big Top Dream,” a semi-biographical circus spectacular honoring legendary circus impresario Clifford E. Vargas.  Follow along on Vargas’ journey as he finds the most incredible acts for his show, all while a silly clown chases him down, bringing fun and humor to the crowd, as he too tries to join the amazing spectacular that Vargas has created.

From jugglers to contortionists to trampoline acrobats, this action-packed show has your jaw on the floor from beginning to end. Watch as a roller-skating couple twirls in circles on a small round stage while performing unbelievable tricks and high-flying acrobats flips and tumble through the air, only to be caught at the very last moment. Their giant blue tent is hard to miss and can be seen from the freeway but what you can’t see until you have arrived is an amazing talent and daring feats that await you inside.

The show is a spectacle for the whole family and is sure to excite and amaze all ages. Come 30 minutes early to their show and kids get a chance to jump into the ring and practice their juggling skills just like a real circus performer. After the show is over, all of the performers wait in the foyer to greet guests and pose for pictures.

Circus Vargas isn’t just another event passing through town, it’s an unforgettable experience and a magical memory that our children will hold onto for the rest of their lives. 

Note: Circus Vargas does not use animals of any kind in their show.
For tickets and showtimes visit:

    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center