City Attorney Amy Albano to Retire From Burbank in November

Burbank City Attorney Amy Albano (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

City Attorney will be retiring from her position of City Attorney on November 12, Simone Mcfarland of Burbank’s Public Information Office confirmed on Friday.

Albano will have been the City Attorney in Burbank for over 10 years when she leaves in November. She was originally appointed in October of 2011. The Burbank City Council will meet in closed session on Tuesday, September 28 to decide upon an interim City Attorney.

Burbank’s City Attorney oversees a staff of 10 staff attorneys, paraprofessionals, and support staff as well as hiring outside firms to litigate Burbank cases.

Albano passed the California Bar in 1982 and then went on the serve in the City of Ventura’s City Attorney’s Office for nearly 14 years before becoming the City Attorney of Thousand Oaks before being hired in Burbank.

According to her bio on the City’s website, she has served on the League of CA Cities, 50-member statewide board since 2019, and is also a voting member of the Los Angeles County Prosecutor’s Association and is currently chair of the Association.

The City Attorney position is one of two positions that the City Council hires directly and reports to. City Manager Justin Hess, who runs the day-to-day operations of the City also is hired directly by the Council. Council members have no say in any other employee positions in the city.



  1. In my opinion this should become an elected position as it is in other cities. I would like to see a budget far less than $4 million per year. It is not reasonable and we can do better. The City Attorney’s office attends too many meetings.

    The City should put up a ballot measure and let the voters decide if this position should be an elected one moving forward.

  2. I totally agree with your opinion 100% Christopher Matthew Spencer ! The City Of Burbank WASTES WAAAAAAAY too much of OUR tax payers dollars !

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