City Clerk Question #3: How Would you Enhance the Services Offered by the City Clerk?


As part of myBurbank’s Election 2022 coverage, we have asked all of the candidates in the three races some tough questions to help voters decide who deserves their vote.

In the race for City Clerk, there are three candidates, and we asked three questions. We told the candidates they could write as much as they wanted, and we did not edit their responses in any way.

Today is Question 3 of 3: How would you enhance the services already offered by the City Clerk’s Office?

Viviana Garzon:

The City Clerk’s Office has an essential role in the daily lives of Burbank’s residents and effectively provides high quality customer service in areas that are part of our country’s democracy. The services I would enhance include outreach and education to the community, access to public records, and the operations of the Passport Office.

Increase Outreach and Education – I would like to increase the participation of our diverse residents and youth population in elections and Burbank’s Boards and Commissions. This goal will be a collaborative effort with multiple community stakeholders and I am excited for the possibilities. I previously led the Connect with your Community! outreach initiative in five focus neighborhoods and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. There are many community partners the City Clerk’s Office can partner with to engage with our diverse residents in a culturally responsible way. These partners can include non-profit organizations, the small business community, service organizations, parent organizations, civic engagement organizations, places of worship, advocacy groups, Boards and Commissions, and City departments.

In regard to the youth population, I will continue the legacy of the City Clerk’s Cup the current City Clerk has been implementing for high school students since 2015 to encourage pre-registration to vote and work with BUSD to identify best practices to educate the youth on the importance of voting and civic engagement. A few examples include speaking to the Academy of Finance students, hosting fun outreach events during lunch at the schools, and speaking to the Associated Student Body at the schools. I would also partner with current youth program providers to engage with our younger residents, such as the Youth Leadership Program, Youth Board, Counselor-in-Training, Burbank Police Explorer and Cadet Program, Youth Employment Programs (CREST, BEST, and STEP), and youth service clubs.     

Expand Passport Services – I would expand the Passport Office and increase the revenue going into the City’s general fund. Approximately 12,000 passports are processed annually and there is room to expand the operations. I will expand the Passport Office by hiring additional staff who qualify to become passport agents and can obtain the proper credentials.  

Enhance Access to Public Records – I would like to further the modernization of services where allowed by law, such as electronic signatures, by working with the City Attorney’s Office and the Information Technology Department to analyze the possibility of modernizing the services. I would also like to complete the electronic content management (ECM) project of the City’s records dating back to 1911 and broaden the efforts of the City Clerk’s Office to make the records accessible online. Once all records are online and accessible to the public, I will conduct community workshops on the program and teach residents how to access the City’s records.    

Kimberley Clark:

When I first joined the Burbank Unified School District, I was able to identify improvements in efficiency, which led to cost savings. Bringing a new perspective often results in these kinds of improvements. Increasing the number of passports being processed would bring additional revenue and identifying ways to enhance and streamline existing operations will save taxpayers time and money. An important part of the job involves communication and community outreach. The City Clerk’s office must be approachable and responsive and should always put the needs of the residents of Burbank first.

Jamal El-Amin:

I will research services by first listening to the needs of the community. What are the services that our residents desire in the office? Then I will determine which services are feasible to integrate with the City Clerk’s office. Present the best options for council review and budgetary consideration. 

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