City Council Candidate Profile: Nick Shultz


Editor’s Note: myBurbank will be highlighting the upcoming election in two areas, first candidate profiles to give you some background on each candidate, and second will be a series of questions on each issue. We will run a new profile each day and the question/answer part will run after they are completed.


Where are you from originally?  

I was born in La Mesa, California, and I was raised in Gresham, Oregon. 

What was the most memorable or character-building part of your upbringing? 

I am the first to graduate college from my working-class family. I was raised largely by my grandparents and a single mother, and they made me into who I am today. My mother worked so hard to give my brother and I every opportunity available to succeed. I think about that every day. The example that my mother set for my brother and I is the very reason I decided to dedicate my life to public service and to doing what I can to assist others in gaining access to opportunities for success.  

As a Deputy Attorney General for the State of California, I prosecute human trafficking and public corruption cases. I consider it an honor to go to work every day fighting for the people who don’t have the ability to fight for themselves. I am ready to put my legal knowledge, creative thinking, and passion to work for everyone here in Burbank.   

How long have you been in Burbank? 

For years, my wife and I have been involved in the Burbank community, and we’ve always known that Burbank is the place that we want to raise our family. Because of the schools, the unique neighborhoods, our amazing small businesses, and our incredible community spirit, there’s no other place that we can imagine growing our family and settling down.  For years, my wife and I worked hard and saved every penny until we could afford to buy a home in the Rancho neighborhood earlier this year.     

Since announcing my candidacy, I have been so honored to speak with hundreds of residents who have shared similar stories about how Burbank was always their dream destination, and about how important it is that we do what we can to help those who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage so that they can stay in Burbank.

What drew you to the City of Burbank? 

As stated in my previous answer, there is no other place my wife and I want to raise our family. Burbank has always been our dream destination. We cherish the historic neighborhoods, vibrant small businesses, excellent public schools, and our passionate friends and neighbors who make Burbank such a special place to live. 

What are some of your interests/hobbies? 

In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking, and playing chess. On the weekends, my wife and I enjoy spending time at our local restaurants and coffee shops downtown and in Magnolia Park, as well as going for walks around our neighborhood and in nearby parks, such as Johnny Carson Park. 

What motivated you to run for office? 

I’ve decided to run for Burbank City Council because I want to help restore what we have lost as a result of this pandemic and to create good-paying jobs with benefits for every Burbankian. As a city we need to get creative and find ways to help our neighbors pay the rent or mortgage, access quality healthcare and childcare, keep their jobs, save our small businesses, and build back better and stronger. 

If I am elected, I would work to convene a Burbank Economic Recovery Taskforce (BERT) within my first 100 days in office. I believe that it is crucial that we bring all experts and stakeholders to the table to inform the Burbank City Council on the best strategies for comprehensive economic recovery that fits the needs of Burbank. Accordingly, I would like to see the BERT be comprised of leaders from the entertainment industry, small business owners, entrepreneurs, retailers, organized labor, community leaders, and representatives from the food & beverage and hospitality industries. 

Is there anything else you’d like Burbank residents to know about you? 

I’ve dedicated my career to serving the public, and I am passionate about protecting people. As a Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice, I prosecute human and labor trafficking, public corruption, and various forms of financial fraud. I’ve had tough battles in the courtroom fighting against human traffickers, bad businesses, and corrupt public officials. I know how to tackle tough challenges. If I have the good fortune of being elected as your next city councilmember, I have no doubt that I will be ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work on “day one” to address the issues facing our community. 






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