City Council Discusses, Amends Speed Limits Following Tragic Accident


During the August 10th Burbank City Council Meeting, the council addressed the issue of speeding within the city.

This discussion took place in the backdrop of the tragic traffic accident that occurred at the intersection of Glenoaks and Andover on August third. Three people, Cerain Baker, Jaiden Johnson and Natalee Moghaddam, were killed after getting hit by a car that was illegally street racing on Glenoaks.

Prior to the start of the meeting, Mayor Bob Frutos led the council and staff in a moment of silence for three individuals who tragically lost their lives.

During the last city council meeting, which took place on July 28th, the council was given a report by staff in the Public Works Department recommending that they change the speed limits on the two sides of San Fernando Boulevard that stretch from Hollywood Way to Winona Avenue, among other streets. However, the council were opposed to raising the speed limit at this section of road before the passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 43, a proposed bill that seeks to make roads safer for pedestrians and other protected groups.

After staff amended the original proposal to remove the stretch of San Fernando Boulevard from Hollywood Way to Winona Avenue from the changes, the council unanimously passed the revised proposal as a part of the consent calendar.

Among the speed limits altered are the stretch of San Fernando Boulevard from Magnolia Boulevard to Verdugo Avenue being changed to 25 miles per hour and the stretch of Scott Road from Glenoaks Boulevard to San Fernando Boulevard being changed to 30 miles per hour.

The staff report for this agenda item can be found here. Additionally, a video recording of the August 10th meeting can be found here.


    1. I would be grateful if the City Council would focus on other things rather than talking about speed limits. The majority of motorists won’t obey the limits. I drive the speed limit everywhere and I am constantly harassed by tail gaiting and angry honking.

      Let the Burbank Police do their job.

      While we do need our Fire Department, consider having the fire department send a small SUV out with a couple of workers to check on medical calls instead of 10 to 12 people each time.

      Shift more money from the meetings with the Police to street patrols.

      Give tickets to the speeders.

      Enforce the existing laws.

      There is always a knee jerk reaction when a tragedy occurs. Our government needs to be more logical and less visceral about this. It is very sad that people died. Motorists were breaking the law that is why people died. Spending time discussing changing laws that aren’t followed at the moment anyway is not productive.

      Parents…can and should teach their children to be careful drivers.

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