City Council Election Question #10 – Why do You Deserve our Vote?


As part of myBurbank’s Election 2022 coverage, we have asked all of the candidates in the three races some tough questions to help voters decide who deserves their vote.

In the race for City Council, there are seven candidates, and we asked ten tough questions. We told the candidates they could write as much as they wanted, and we did not edit their responses in any way. We rotated the order after every question.

Today is question 10 of 10 – Why should a voter in Burbank cast their vote for you?

Tamala Takahashi

I believe we are in a unique election this year that all of our city council candidates are high quality candidates and if elected, I would be proud to work with any of them.

I am 23 year resident of Burbank and parent of 3 adult children, ages 24, 21, and 19, who grew up here and are in college. I want Burbank to be a city where my kids can live and raise their families, and that my husband and I can retire in.

I have worked in the non profit sector for over 10 years, as a leadership trainer and consultant. I have recently closed my business, and I am now pivoting 100% to mental health, as a prelicensed MFT and PCC therapist.

I am also a long time community advocate. I currently serve as the chair of the Burbank Infrastructure Oversight Board. I am also the VP of the Magnolia Park Merchant Association. And I serve on several other boards such as the YMCA, Burbank Human Relations Council, and Chamber of Commerce.

I want to give back to my city, with my experience, leadership skills, and issue-focused perspective. I believe our city can lean on its strengths to support everyone in our community – while at the same time being innovative and willing to do the hard work to make sure we are making wise decisions for the future.

I believe our city can be environmentally sustainable, supportive of mental health services, have affordable housing (particularly for our workforce, young families, and seniors), provide safe multimodal transportation for all, and support our small/micro businesses – all while being pragmatic with our budget.

I am honored to have received many endorsements including Sen. Anthony Portantino, Assemblymember Laura Friedman, the Burbank Teachers & Firefighters, and the Sierra Club.

Find out more about my vision for Burbank, and creating a safer, smarter, more sustainable community at:
IG: @tamala4burbank

I humbly ask for your vote, for Tamala Takahashi, for Burbank City Council. And if elected, please feel free to reach out any time at or text/call my cell at 818-252-9014.

Carmenita Helligar

I am a collaborator to my core. I will put what’s best for Burbank first in my decision making. I have innovative plans for Burbank that will bring our city together and move us forward.  Help me bring Hope -Togetherness- Progress to Burbank.

Zizette Mullins

I am humbly asking the voters to seriously consider what I can offer as a City Council Member:  40 years of residence in this City, a former small business owner in the downtown area, more than 35 years of public service with the past 10 years as the Burbank’s Elected City Clerk.  I have experience in all facets of government from budgeting through personnel issues.  I have become known and respected among many diverse populations and have earned a reputation for working hard for my community.  I am a graduate of Leadership Burbank and have been honored for my work mentoring young people.  I also served on Burbank’s Civil Service Board.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master Municipal Clerk designation.  As the City Clerk, I have participated in almost every City Council meeting and am fully informed on the present and future needs of our City.  This City is my home and I want to utilize my experience and my love for it to benefit its future.

Nikki Perez

My entire campaign has been a labor of love for my hometown. I am running because I love this city deeply and know it in the way that only someone who was born and raised here can. I know the experiences of our students in our BUSD schools; the experiences of our middle-class union working families who come to Burbank for its good schools, safe neighborhoods, and charm; and I currently know the experience of young renters who aspire to own a home here and raise their family in our community. 

More so, I am a Social Worker with experience on the ground floor of the homelessness crisis and I previously worked for the State Legislature where my issue areas were Housing and Homelessness, Business, and Education. My entire career has been rooted in marrying my direct service experience with my understanding of policy to ensure that the best services are provided to people. Being able to bring that experience and passion to serve my hometown would be an absolute dream. I want to ensure that each and every person in Burbank can have the same – if not better – opportunities, experiences, and enrichment that I have had my whole life in our town. 

If elected I promise to be accessible, thoughtful, and always listen to my fellow Burbankians so that together we can keep the Burbank we love and build the future we deserve.

Sharon Springer

I am experienced, open, transparent, accessible and I have no personal agenda.  I am independent of any political machine.  I am not empire building.  I will continue to be accessible and represent our diverse Burbank population without bias.     

Thanks to so many of you, 5 and a half years ago you elected me to serve and represent you on the Burbank City Council.  I served under the 100-year challenge of COVID, and we now face continuing challenges in the upcoming four years.  Now, more than ever my experience is needed. 
There are local, state and federal issues of immense importance facing Burbank that, for better or worse, affect all of us. My experience, strength and focus on the issues will continue to balance the economic, social and quality of life needs and growth for all of Burbank. As I have been over these past years, I am always accessible to you.
Whatever the challenge, I have never, and will never quit. Together we will strive for safe neighborhoods and streets, affordable housing, excellent schools, childcare, senior and disabled inclusion, and continuation of the other outstanding city services we all enjoy and expect. I will go forward focused on opportunities for all, equity, economic stability, homelessness, sustainability, renewable energy goals and greenhouse gas reduction.
Together, we have been through a lot.  Together, we are stronger. I am open, transparent, accessible and have no personal agenda.  I’ll continue to represent Burbank.


    1. Not a word about reducing the substantial overtime, amounting to millions per year, working to bring our sales tax down to match our neighbors in Los Angeles. Many City workers earn more than the California governor and drive expensive luxury vehicles. See the proof here:

      Lots of City workers have take-home cars with taxpayer-funded fuel in addition to their higher-than-Newsom salaries.

      Every candidate was presented with and ignored (declined to sign) the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Since 1986, ATR has sponsored the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written promise by legislators and candidates for office that commits them to oppose tax increases.

      We need leaders who oppose new tax increases and can make budgets work without taking a larger percentage of our money. My disposable income continues to go down as tax rates in California rise to support a growing government largesse. This is emblematic of the Burbank City methodology as well.

      While Council plans to spend more than $200,000 to repair a “gift” of a jet fighter, we have bad roads across town, rising fees in every aspect of City business, and a 10.25% sales tax when just steps outside of Burbank, our neighbors pay 9.5%. The lodging tax is 10% here and that’s hurting tourism. Not one candidate is discussing fiscal intelligence. Lots of unclear promises do not amount to a plan. I’d like to see every candidate write their manifesto and post it with granularity and clarity. I’ve never seen such a platform in 32 years of elections living in Burbank.

      BurbankBus vehicles are virtually always empty and cost taxpayers more than $60 per ride to subsidize. They are limos for one or two people. Not green and not logical. Sad that no one has the courage to end this bad program.

      Does the City really need to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to keep a money-losing, poorly-designed golf course operating so a few out-of-towners can play rounds for as little as $8 each? This is where the money goes. Do your homework and confirm it.

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