City Council Supports Burbank Armenian Association With Resolution


Burbank Armenian Association applauds City Council for standing with the Armenian community in a historic moment for justice!

On February 14th, amidst the ongoing Artsakh blockade, ANCA Burbank and Burbank Armenian Association united to craft a powerful resolution that will raise awareness and inspire action, bringing hope and justice to the forefront of the Burbank City Council’s agenda.

The resolution passed unanimously by the Burbank City Council, reflecting the city’s commitment to supporting the Armenian-American community and advocating for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing Artsakh conflict.

What is happening in Artsakh?

The Artsakh blockade is an ongoing issue that has affected the lives of thousands of people, and the situation remains highly volatile. Despite several attempts at ceasefires and peace negotiations, violence and conflict continue to plague the region. To address this, it is essential to raise awareness and advocate for solutions that address the root causes of the conflict, including issues of territory, human rights, and economic inequality. By working together and promoting meaningful change, organizations like ANCA Burbank and Burbank Armenian Association are playing a crucial role in advocating for peace and justice in the region.