City Council to Consider Retaining ‘Mask Police’ Through May 2021


Burbank’s City Council will take up the matter of whether to extend the contract of Willdan Engineering through May of 2021 at a cost of $100,000 for enforcement of Burbank’s Mask Ordinance. The current contract that started back in October has run out of funding after $100,000 was approved at that time.

In a staff report by Courtney Padgett, Acting Police Administrator, Willden activities have been documented and reported that a total of 6,534 people were contacted who were not in compliance with Burbank’s Ordinance between October 16 and January 19 of this year. Of those, about 90% receiving a warning, and 507 refused to cooperate with only 163 being issued an administration citation that carries a financial penalty.

What is not discussed is what happened to the 344 who would not cooperate and were not issued citations.

According to the report, most of the enforcement occurred in Downtown Burbank near San Fernando Blvd. (4,038), while 1,790 occurred in the City’s parks. Also listed was the Chandler Bikeway with 414 and Magnolia Park where there 292 people stopped. Only 20% (33) were Burbank residents.

The report also goes on the state that of the 163 citations issued, only 19 have been paid and 13 have been appealed. It did not say how Burbank plans to collect the unpaid citations.

Burbank’s main goal of the Ordinance is to educate, with 228 masks given to citizens.

City of Burbank Staff Report

The City Council will take this up at their meeting this Tuesday, January 26 at 6pm.

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