City looking Into Communal House Locating in Burbank

House at 520 S. Main (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

City of Burbank officials are looking into a house in Burbank that is being offered on a website as communal living for artists and students after a reader alerted myBurbank to website offering rooms to rent.

The house, located at 520 S. Main Street, is being offered for room rentals at $700 a month for a month-to-month lease and includes “All Utilities/Weekly Maid/ Toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, private wardrobe”. The Bohemian’s Oasis Lodge also operates two other houses, one in Highland Park and another near USC.

They also say that the “Burbank house will have two house managers who help manage the trash and kitchen when the maid is not deep cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen.  Coin laundry on site.  The house will have a computer room, dinning (sp) room, lounge-study room, back yard with shade, couches, hammocks and a Air-conditioned Garage for music and theatrical production use.”

When contacted, the City of Burbank Public Information Officer Jonathan Jones said the “The home at 520 South Main Street is zoned R-3 (Medium Density Residential). Allowed uses in the R-3 Zone are governed by Section 10-1-627 of the Burbank Municipal Code (BMC). Pursuant to BMC Section 10-1-627(B), uses not listed in the section are prohibited in the R-3 zone. The proposed use of the home, as described by the property owners and applicant and as noted on the Bohemian Oasis Lodge website, is not on the list of permitted uses in the R-3 zone.”

He said that the City is also unaware of any other homes like this in Burbank. City officials are looking into it presently. He was not able to disclose any more at this time. “The City is communicating with the homeowner directly regarding this property and will have no additional comment at this time,” he said.

According to the website, they said the house would be ready for occupancy on September 1.

Concern has been expressed about the noise that will be created in the garage, which they advertise as “Garage Production space for electronic music, guitar, keyboards.  Theatrical and Choreography space.”

When more information is released, we will update this story.


    1. Is this, or is this not, a group home? If its use doesn’t meet the R-3 zoning requirements and it doesn’t seem that it does, then it must be disallowed in this area, or the zoning requirements must be amended to allow its use.

      After looking at the address on Google, I think this is a bad idea for the area. The city should prohibit its completion and usage.

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