The city of Burbank Comes Down Hard on Tinhorn Flats, Will Hold Public Hearing on Possibly Revoking its Conditional Use Permit

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The City of Burbank is taking action possibly revoking the Conditional Use Permit Issued to Tinhorn Flats on Magnolia.


Burbank disclosed on Friday, January 8 that if Tinhorn Flats did not come into compliance with COVID-19 Health Orders within 10 days, they will be in violation and face a Public Hearing before the City Council February 22.

Here is the official statement by the City:

BURBANK, CA (January 8, 2021) – Today, the City of Burbank issued Tin Horn Flats a Notice of Violation and Notice of a Hearing to modify, suspend or revoke their Conditional Use Permit (CUP), which allows operation of the establishment. This notice follows many conversations and notices issued requesting the owner to comply with COVID-19 Orders.

The Notice gives Tin Horn Flats 10 days to cure the violations. The Notice initiates an adjudicatory administrative process, which was unanimously authorized by the City Council.

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Mayor Bob Frutos stated, “This is a difficult time in history. The City Council is often being pulled in different directions that don’t always align but we have mandates to protect our community and comply with State and County Orders. It is the Council’s hope that the owner of Tin Horn Flats will comply with his CUP, State and County mandates that currently allow only take-out or delivery service.”

Here is also the full complaint issued to the owners from the City:

If you would like to read the complaint, plus the CUP and the County Order, CLICK HERE


  1. Stop with the warnings and citations. Watching covid explode out of control and citing those fueling it is doing absolutely nothing. Close this place for good.

    • You most likely have a job deemed “essential” or you’re independently wealthy…. or on disability and using tax payer money to survive. Either way, restaurants should not be closed today. Line cooks dishwashers servers and bartenders have families, bills, mortgages and rents to pay. If you’re shopping at a grocery store you can eat at a restaurant.

  2. The worldwide lockdowns have destroyed millions more lives than Covid ever will. If you’re sick with this virus or anything else, use common sense and stay at home. 99.74% of the planet has recovered from SARA-CoV-2. Open society up again and let the rest of us live our lives. Governors and mayors–stop dictating your illegal edicts to the rest of us. We have a right to breathe the freakin’ air!

  3. I suggest management of Tin Horn Flats to ask the bank for a loan or ask for a discounted rent from your landlord and/or close down for month or two. Start with local bank UME for a loan AND/OR start a Save Tin Horn Flats fundraising ONLINE campaign. I think people will come together and donate to save this landmark bar. Write off lots in taxes (losses) if possible. As a Burbank resident, I think it’s cool that we have a Western-styled bar reminiscent of old Clint Eastwood movies every time I pass it driving down Magnolia BLVD. I have been there a few times. Beer on tap is good there along with the tapas. Yes food can be improved but that’s not the argument here. I am sure that once we get back into the swing of things and out of this bleak COVID Winter that the City of Burbank will let you at least open your outside area again in the Spring or Summer. To all the haters out there, don’t hate. This is a business here in BURBANK! Their success reflects our success. Peace brothers. SO just comply with the police order so we can save you for both current and future generations of Burbankians. Good luck Tin Horn Flats!!


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