City of Burbank Hires New Financial Services Director


The City of Burbank has hired a new Financial Services Director. Jennifer Becker was selected during a nationwide search facilitated by Teri Black & Company. She has been serving as the Department’s Interim Director since November.

Jennifer Becker

The search included 48 applicants narrowed to a smaller pool and ultimately ended with the selection of Ms. Becker. “Jennifer has been with the City for 20 years and has done an outstanding job while serving as the Interim Director for the past 5 months,” says City Manager Justin Hess. “She has proven to be a very knowledgeable finance professional and knows the City’s finances better than anyone.”

Ms. Becker started her career as a Budget Analyst in the Financial Services Department in 2001. In 2008, she became the Department’s Deputy Financial Services Director, where she oversaw the Budget, Revenue, and Purchasing Divisions; and later was named, Assistant Financial Services Director, adding oversight of the Accounting Division to her responsibilities.

“I’m honored to be given the opportunity to serve a City like Burbank with such an outstanding track record of accurate and transparent financial reporting,” says Becker. “I’m excited for the challenges ahead and look forward to helping the City accomplish its financial goals.”

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  1. Dear Friends in High Places:

    The post is confusing.

    Why did taxpayers have to foot the bill for Teri Black & Company to conduct a “nationwide search” to hire Jennifer Becker who already works in Burbank?

    Is the City addicted to hiring consultants? Does that make the decision more palatable? I find all these consulting fees a waste. Hire from within like all smart organizations do.

    I have never met Jennifer Becker. Is she a Burbank resident?

    The City pays a lot of money for these jobs, all positions should be first filled by residents who not only take our community money but also spend here.

    In 2020, taxpayers paid $193,605.96 to Jennifer Becker. Source:

    But I cannot find her anywhere mentioned as a Burbank resident.

    Will she be moving here? While it is “an honor” to serve our community, it is actions that speak loudest. Many of our top-paid City workers are not residents yet they live in cities that cost the same as Burbank.

    The community notices things like this.

    Quoted: “The mission of the Financial Services Department is to be ‘committed to quality and excellence, ensuring the financial integrity of the City and its related agencies while providing efficient courteous service.'”

    “[F]inancial integrity” should include having you folks live here…and pay all our taxes including property tax!

    Thanks for reading.


  2. So we wasted money for a nationwide search only to promote the person we already have. Yeah, that makes sense. Funny thing is we do that over and over again. Will our council ever learn? Did you notice how the “Press Release” never has the salary listed? Would it be too much to ask for to inquire and post the results?

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